What to do if under eyes bruises

What to do if under eyes bruises

If under eyes shadows were condensed, to think just right of the health. Emergence of blue on lower eyelids is manifestation of malfunctions with kidneys, nerves or heart. Respectively, elimination of this cosmetic shortcoming is possible only from within. By means of successfully picked up shade of the proofreader it is possible to take dark detours less noticeable.

If shadows under the eyes have developed after long nervous tension, chronic sleep debt and insufficient rest – put the nerves in order. For this purpose you go to bed early and get up. After awakening do exercises and have a shower bath cold water, on belt or entirely. In 20-30 minutes prior to breakfast drink glass of clear water, and still in a few minutes to circle of freshly brewed green tea with melissa or mint broth. During the day not less than an hour you go on foot, it is desirable among dense green plantings, and during walk you breathe deeply and rhythmically. Once a week organize to yourself celebration: departure on the nature, meeting with friends, shopping, massage and other saloon procedures.

At emergence of blue circles under eyes, in combination with hypostases on face and the waist pains amplifying by the evening - pay attention to kidneys. Not to subject itself to tiresome medical examinations, try to restore their activity independently. For this purpose limit salt, the salty, marinated and containing vinegar products in food. For improvement of filtrational and secretory function of kidneys use more watermelons, melons, the vitaminized fruit drinks, natural juice, compotes. From broths of herbs spend on drink ready kidney collecting within 2-3 weeks. Do all this on an equal basis with the general strengthening of organism by means of hardening by water, the sun and physical exercises.

The dark circles under eyes which are followed by pricking or heartaches – occasion to see doctor or to be engaged thoroughly in strengthening of heart. Exclusively positive emotions, good rest, moderate physical aerobic activities, the food rich with potassium, magnesium, chrome, selenium and also vitamins P, E, groups B are useful to it. These substances are present at bread from coarse flour, bean, greens, vegetable oils, nuts. Honey, raisin, dried apricots, lemons, yachnevy and buckwheat cereal, nuts, spinach, Brussels sprout are especially useful to heart. From herbs the big benefit will be brought by melissa, mint, birch leaves, dogrose. For masking of blue under eyes and giving to the person of freshness use the adjusting means, but not foundation. Its texture is too heavy for gentle eyelid skin. Choose tone is lighter than the basic. At the end of the day, after removal of make-up, do lotions of freshly brewed green tea, camomile or mint. Or put slices of crude potatoes or cucumber on all face and eyelids. You carry out any procedures for elimination of blue circles before emergence of positive result. In each separate case it can appear at different times.

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