What to do that hair did not drop out

What to do that hair did not drop out

The hair loss can be both physiological norm, and disturbing symptom of any disease. Everything depends on intensity of this process. There are various ways of prevention of loss of density of head of hear.

Before panicing concerning hair loss, it is worth estimating and whether so much they will drop out actually? If on your hairbrush during the day after each combing there is a few hair (less than hundred), then serious reasons for concern do not. However if you notice serious losses, it is worth paying attention to the health.

Such factors as stresses, various diets, unbalanced food, pregnancy can lead to hair loss. Besides, this problem can have hereditary character.

To stop hair loss, to improve their appearance, to give them force and gloss, it is possible to use various cosmetics which a lot of are on sale in drugstores and specialized shops. There are also national methods of the solution of this problem. Prepare nutritious compress from castor oil and chicken yolk. Pound one yolk with oil teaspoon. Apply mix on dry hair for 30 minutes, carefully rubbing it in roots. From above cover hair with polyethylene. Do this procedure once in 7-10 days. As one more fine means strengthening roots of hair and interfering their loss serves the honey mask. That to prepare it, mix honey tablespoon, as much aloe juice, one teaspoon of juice of garlic and yolk of egg. Rub mix in head skin, put on polyethylene hat. Half an hour later carefully wash out hair and rinse with broth of great nettle or horsetail field. Repeat this procedure two times a week for 2-3 months. Get in drugstore good multivitamin complex for growth of hair and nails and regularly accept it. You watch that your food was balanced, with enough proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral substances. Refuse addictions, nicotine and alcohol of health do not add, so and they affect condition of your hair far not in the best way. You watch that your hair were not exposed to intensive influence of high or low temperatures, you wear hat, in the winter in the flying – cap. If the hair loss has serious character, besides you feel such accompanying symptoms as slackness, constant fatigue, loss of appetite, see doctor behind consultation.

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