What to do with cellulitis

What to do with cellulitis

Cellulitis – widespread problem not only at full, but also at enough thin women. It develops long time as a result of hereditary predisposition, bad ecology, constant stresses, improper feeding, alcohol intake, smoking and many other negative factors.

To struggle with cellulitis quite really. For this purpose only the patience, time and means is required.

In modern cosmetology the set of ways of elimination of this problem is provided. Among them the ozonoterapiya, mesotherapy and various laser techniques are considered as the most effective. Such procedures promote fast and effective treatment of cellulitis.

Massage by brush or mitten from sisal is very useful to giving of skin of smoothness and elasticity. It is recommended to do it during acceptance of shower or after it. Movements have to be made from below up without strong pressure. Massage perfectly stimulates skin blood supply, metabolism, promotes production of the endorphines accelerating process of combustion of fat. Cold douches and contrast shower from ankles to breast are very useful in fight against cellulitis. Under the influence of cold, connecting fabrics begin to contract and become stronger. It is desirable to finish the procedure with warm water. After massage it is recommended to apply anti-cellulite cream to the warmed skin. Better to do it by massage movements clockwise. It is necessary to complete process massage of problem zones. Anti-cellulite cream can be bought in drugstore or shop. Quite really to make it and independently. For this purpose it is necessary to take vegetable oil (better olive) and essential aromatic oils (grapefruit, rosemary or lemon) and to mix them before receiving homogeneous mass. The most effective folk remedy against cellulitis the honey massage is considered. It improves blood circulation in deep skin layers and the subject muscles, feeds internals and fabrics and also promotes fast removal from organism of harmful toxins. Skin after the similar procedure becomes elastic and silky, and hypodermic consolidations are smoothed. The course of honey massage is designed for 15 sessions held every other day within month. It will require 1 tsps of the natural not become candied honey without additives and 5 drops of aromatic oil of eucalyptus, orange, juniper or lavender. Application of mummy is very widespread in fight against cellulitis among women. It is used practically in all creams, lotions and masks. It is possible to dissolve 2 g of means in 1 tsp of boiled warm water and to mix it from 100 g of anti-cellulite or children's cream. The received weight is rubbed with circular motions to problem sites of skin before going to bed. The mummy is well combined with coffee srub. For its preparation take coffee thick, add to it sour cream (vegetable oil or cream for shower). Similar means it is necessary to mass skin for 10 minutes several times a week. It is recommended to wash away serially, cool, warm water. And, of course, it is very useful not only for elimination of cellulitis, but also for health of all organism, regular trainings by sport.

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