What to do with curve teeth

What to do with curve teeth

teeth do not decorate the person. They spoil external impression, prevent to smile openly and to communicate freely. Besides, such position of teeth prevents normal operation of the maxillary device that leads to different problems.

Do not panic if at your kid the first curve teeth are cut through. They can grow in this way if they lack the place on gum because of other teeth which are in fabrics and have not seemed yet. For example, if cutters from above are cut and between them there is big hole, they can grow slightly crookedly. But then the upper two are cut, and curve teeth become straight. After all, children's milk teeth all the same will be replaced by constants. But if the similar problem exists at more senior child (when at him second teeth have already grown) or at the adult, it is necessary to address the stomatologist – he will help you to pick up briquettes – the special orthodontic devices in the form of locks which are used for correction of bite and curvature of teeth. Often suggest to deliver to adults ceramic briquettes - they transparent and they are almost not visible, and teenagers often stop the choice on metal. Modern breket-systems are convenient and almost imperceptible, quickly get used to them.

If on some of the reasons you cannot carry briquettes, exit all the same is. In dental clinic to you will make special nozzles which will need to be put on only when you are at home or you sleep. However, process of alignment of curve teeth can be a little longer this way, than when using breket-systems, but it will pass absolutely imperceptibly for the acquaintances and employees surrounding you on work. There is also one more radical method of disposal of curve teeth – their removal with the subsequent replacement with equal and beautiful artificial analogs. But resort to this way only in urgent cases in the absence of other opportunities of the solution of this problem. Removable jaw – not always the most convenient and good choice.

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