What to do with pimples on spin

What to do with pimples on spin

Pimples on spin can appear both because of insufficient hygiene of body, and from behind deviations in human health. It is possible to get rid of them by means of traditional medicine. The main thing is to look after regularly body and to watch over the health.

Sea salt will help to cope with pimples on spin (without fragrances). Take heat bath with addition of sea salt before going to bed. It not only will fix your main problem – eels, but also normalizes dream. If you have coffee grinder, then crush salt in it. Then add a little crushed salt to shower gel and use the received means as srub. Sea salt is rich with nutritious microelements therefore it normalizes natural balance of skin and saves from pimples. It can be considered irreplaceable for those people who suffer from various acne rashes. You apply to skin every time after washing antibacterial lotion. Also cream after shaving will approach. It is worth noticing, as shower gels have to be for problem skin. Refuse better cosmetics which contain nutritious oils, they hammer time, and new pimples also appear from behind it.

Buy calendula tincture. Dilute it with cold boiled water by 2-3 times. Use the received infusion for wiping of back several times a day. The calendula very quickly helps to solve problem of this kind. If you on spin have strongly inflamed pimples which bring unpleasant feelings and pain, prizhgit them undiluted tincture. Moisten cotton pad and apply to the inflamed place for 5-7 minutes.

The miracle plant of aloe will help to get rid to you of pimples. Crush leaves, then add boiled water (1:3) and insist day. Filter and wipe back in the morning and in the evening. If you can put to yourself intramuscular pricks, then put down course of injections aloe solution which is on sale in ampoules. Spend on drink the course "Ayevita" - the vitamins improving the general condition of skin. Also yeast with zinc will not prevent. If pimples on spin do not pass, and all continue to appear, descend to the dermatologist. The doctor will appoint to you treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team