What to do with the confused fine hair

What to do with the confused fine hair

The thin, confused and splitting hair bring lot of trouble, and in hairstyle it is difficult to bring together them, and with dismissed it is ugly to go. It is possible to revitalize curls by means of folk and modern remedies.


  1. Do not feel sorry for curls! Safely go to hairdressing salon that the expert has removed all whipped tips which give to hairstyle not well-groomed appearance. If you have time and means, stop the choice on hairstyle hot scissors better – it will promote pasting of tips that will prevent repeated section.
  2. Throw out old hairbrushes, especially if they with metal cloves. Buy good wooden massage brush which will mechanically not injure curls. It should be noted that hairbrushes from tree revitalize hair a little, add them gloss and well-groomed appearance if to use them regularly.
  3. Pay special attention to the choice of care products. It is the best of all to buy shampoo, balm, mask and light spray after washing from one producer. Pay attention to inscriptions on the label. It is desirable that it has been specified that means do not contain parabens and dyes, are suitable for frequent use and are intended for the brittle, thin or injured hair.
  4. Once a week impregnate hair with burdock oil. For this purpose warm up it to 35 wasps, squeeze out the capsule of the vitamin Ayevit complex, carefully stir. Apply oil from roots and to the tips – it is not necessary to comb! In 1-2 hours carefully wash out curls with shampoo under flowing water.
  5. If you have dark hair, you optimum will suit mask which literally from the first does hair healthier and elastic. Mix 200 ml of olive oil, 100 ml of birch tar and 3 tablespoons of vodka or whisky. Apply the received weight on dirty hair, wrap up with cellophane and leave for couple of hours. Carefully wash out with shampoo and rinse with nettle broth.
  6. To blondes other structure which does not spoil light shades will help to recover curls. Take several yolks, add couple of tablespoons of olive or burdock oil and also on 10 drops of vitamins A and E. Peremeshayte. Apply on hair on all length, wash away in 2 hours.
  7. When there is no time or desire to be engaged in recovery of the thin and splitting hair which are constantly confused and do not keep within, it is possible to resort to the help of modern procedures, for example, to lamination, shielding, glazing, etc. Address to beauty shop which has positive reputation, and consult with the master. After holding procedure your curls will change and will gain vital strength.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team