What to feed dry tips of hair with

What to feed dry tips of hair with

Healthy hair look charm. They are able to give to their owner unique charm. Hair with dry, split ends have boomerang effect. However if desired it is possible to cope with this problem.

Medical procedures for dry tips of hair

There is a lot of ways of hair recovery. However when it comes to dry and split ends, all of them will be based on the correct care for head of hear, its timely moistening and hairstyle.

To restore split ends it is unreal. The hairstyle can return attractive look to hair only. The hairstyle hot scissors gives temporary, but rather quite good effect. Dry tips require special care. If it is correct to humidify them, hair can be cured and then them will systematically not cut need.

Perfectly moisten oil hair (olive, burdock, almond, etc.). Before washing of the head the tips of hair should be processed the chosen option of oil and to leave for 20 minutes. After that the head of hear can be washed in the usual way. This reception allows to protect tips from peresushivaniye. At limp hair with the dry ends oil has to be rubbed by the massing movements in roots then it is necessary to put on insulating cap the head. Hour later mix is washed away with use of shampoo. Are effective in treatment of dry tips of hair of mask with castor oil and yolks or mask from curdled milk. The first option is preparing by mixing of these two ingredients with addition of small amount of dry hair shampoo. Mix is applied on hair and keeps within hour. The head at the same time has to be wrapped up with towel. In case of use of curdled milk, warm mix needs to be applied on roots and to distribute on all length of hair. In the wrapped-up state it is necessary to leave them for 30 minutes. After that it is recommended to massage once again roots with use of warm curdled milk and to wash with water without shampoo. Moistening of dry tips is promoted by mask from avocado fruits. For its preparation it is necessary to buy mature fruit, to take from it pulp and to knead fork. This mix it is necessary to process moist hair and to leave them for 40-50 minutes. The head at the same time needs to be wrapped towel. On the expiration of necessary time the mask needs to be washed away soft shampoo.

Rules of care for dry tips of hair

If not to begin to handle more carefully hair, then to get rid of problem of dry tips of hair it will hardly turn out. It is necessary to reduce as much as possible the frequency of use of curling irons and hair dryers. Hair if there is no haste, it is better to dry naturally. Shampoos for washing of the head should be chosen as soft, creamy. In the presence of split ends, it is extremely undesirable to comb wet hair. From hairpins it is better to refuse or select without the sharp sides injuring curls at all. It is important to pay attention to food allowance. At it there have to be fruit, vegetables, nuts, milk, fishes capable to fill lack of fatty acids and vitamins A, E. Consumption of greasy, spicy and sweet food it is necessary to minimize. Besides, it is necessary to drink enough liquid (not less than 2 liters a day).

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