What to write on tattoo

What to write on tattoo

The tattoo is the fashionable next-to-skin ornament often bearing certain sense. Now text tattoos are especially popular. Tattoo remains with the person for the rest of life therefore it is important to pick up that inscription which reflects your essence and the purposes.

Tattoos with name of darlings

Inscriptions with name of the soulmate are extraordinary popular. In spite of the fact that love often passes, and people leave, the great number of young people asks the master to make such tattoo. However, tattooers admit that about 70% of people are sorry about the taken step later and try to reduce tattoo. Do personalized tattoo only if your feelings are checked by time, and you are absolutely sure of darling. Good alternative are tattoos with names of parents or children - close people will always be with you whatever it happened. Sometimes pair tattoos are done by the best friends. And originals fill own name or nickname of the favourite pet.

Quotes in English

English - language of the international communication therefore your tattoo will be clear even abroad. In English write widespread statements about love, family, friends and meaning of life. The known English-speaking inscriptions - All we need is love (Everything that it is necessary for us - it is love), One lifelong love (One love for the rest of life), Forever alone (Forever alone), Enjoy every moment (Enjoy every instant), Don't stop (Do not stop), Let it be (Let will be so), Follow your heart (Follow the dictates of heart). Also quotes from favourite songs are popular. Girls often write the English nicknames describing their character: sweetie (candy), kitty (kitty), honey (honey), princess (princess), bad girl (bad girl), etc.

Choosing inscription in foreign language, be convinced that it is made correctly and without mistakes.

Mysterious Latin

Quotes on Latin are extraordinary popular. They are filled even more often than the English statements. Latin does inscription aristocratical and thoughtful and will be able to read it not everyone. In Latin it is possible to make any phrase, the main thing is to entrust this business to the professional. Also you can choose inscription from hundreds of Latin proverbs. The most popular: Dum spiro, spero ( so far I breathe, I hope), Veni, vidi, vici ( has come, has seen, has won), Tertium non datur (The third is not given), Per aspera ad astra (Through thorns - to stars), Qui quaerit, repent ( who looks for, that will find), Memento quod es homo (Remember that you are person).

Many celebrities have tattoos with inscriptions. Among them there are Angelina Jolie, Viktoria Beckham, Eminem, Melanie Griffith, Marc Jacobs and many others.

East letters

The Chinese and Japanese hieroglyphs are not just letters and words. These are the whole symbols with certain sense, according to many orientalists, having powerful power. Therefore the unique hieroglyph can affect your life. Often tattoos hieroglyphs with value happiness, freedom, good luck, love ask to make masters. It is also possible to fill symbol of animal with which you associate yourself, or the name of the zodiac sign. Very beautifully the chain of hieroglyphs on hand or back looks.

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