What tools are necessary to the cosmetologist

What tools are necessary to the cosmetologist

The cosmetology means itself prevention and treatment of face skin, body, hair and also correction of various defects of appearance, using for this purpose the special equipment and professional cosmetics. The task of the cosmetologist is in that to present everyone feeling of own appeal. Therefore the reliable and high-quality equipment, cosmetics and tools is of very great importance for it.


  1. The first step to beauty is the cleaned face skin. Most competently it is possible to make procedure for clarification of the person only by means of the professional. The peeling designed to restore and revitalize skin perfectly copes with this task. One of the most popular procedures in beauty shops is the chemical peeling. It is carried out by means of fruit or the ANA-acids applied by thin layer to skin. Also this procedure helps to cure acne rash. Except chemical peeling it is possible to use various creams and gels incorporating weak concentration of fruit acids.
  2. The stone therapy represents the technique of improvement and full relaxation based on combination of two contrasts: hot and cold, active and passive, weakening and exciting. Its carrying out will require set of semiprecious stones. After stone therapy, skin becomes smooth, elastic, gains pleasant gloss, its protective functions increase.
  3. Professional tools for depilation include medicines for preparation of skin for the procedure, for performing the depilation and also for the subsequent skin care. More pleasant and effective this procedure will be made high-quality fruit wax and by various tools for depilation.
  4. Thanks to noticeable results, comfortable feelings and available cost, the great popularity was gained by paraffinotherapy. The medical effect of paraffin is explained by chemical, thermal and mechanical influence. Chemical influence is explained by presence at the applied medicines of large amount of biologically active agents having resorptional, anti-inflammatory and spazmolitichesky properties. From thermal influence the fatigue is taken off, the muscular tension and pain disappears, microcirculation and exchange processes in fabrics improve thanks to what, useful substances get into skin more deeply, softening, feeding, calming and smoothing it. Mechanical influence is caused by property of paraffin to decrease in volume when hardening, increasing, as a result, elasticity of skin.
  5. Such cosmetic procedure as anti-cellulite wrapping by dirt parafango is also very demanded. It is based on the principles of heattreatment and thalassotherapy providing considerable reduction of volumes and increase in elasticity of skin in problem zones. The medical effect is reached by means of the special mix of paraffin and the micronized sea dirt containing extracts of active agents.
  6. Widely apply to pulling up of face form, moistening and tonization of face skin and neck collagenic lifting mask. They have high efficiency for express leaving, allowing for absolutely small interval of time, to achieve good results. Such masks are leaders in today's cosmetology. They combine advantage of natural vegetable components and the last achievements of biotechnical developments, recovering skin health and freshness.
  7. The sunbed also has great success among fine half of mankind. It not only gives to body beautiful bronze shade, but also to some extent compensates lack of ultraviolet rays in winter time. Besides, there are special cosmetics accelerating production of melanin in skin fabrics. It promotes increase in level of security of skin and increases intensity of suntan.
  8. Not to do the cosmetologist and without technology novelties, the great popularity was won by high-tech cosmetic combines. For example, it is the newest method of fight against cellulitis, hypostases, muscular atony, problems with blood circulation. The painless, effective procedures based on combination of ultrasonic methods, chromotherapy, infrared beams of vacuum massage and elektromiostimulyation give the chance to receive noticeable long-term result.
  9. For comfort of each client, for high-quality work of the expert the convenient, carefully thought over furniture and the cosmetic equipment has huge value. On the way of achievement of perfection there are no fine details. Are important for obtaining desirable result as various cosmetic medicines, microcurrents, sterilizers and cosmetology combines, and registration of beauty shop - tables, chairs and couches.

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