When to inject Botox

When to inject Botox

Daily the person makes more than 15,000 mimic movements of face therefore by 30 years around eyes between them and on forehead visible wrinkles appear. Cosmetics not to disguise them any more, and for plastics still too early therefore popular means of disposal of mimic wrinkles continues to remain Botox. So when it is reasonable to begin to use it?

Age and Botox

Botox is medicine of the weakened and cleaned botulism neurotoxin. At introduction to skin it will temporarily paralyze muscles that limits mimicry and, as a result, appearance of wrinkles. Cosmetologists have begun to use Botox since the beginning of the 80th years – medicine with the name of the same name is produced by Americans whereas similar Disport - product of the French producers. It is recommended to use Botox for elimination of wrinkles not earlier than since 30, and here after 60 it it is necessary to apply carefully, having initially eliminated the excess of the drooped skin.

Age restrictions for use of Botox do not exist (within limits) as it is used not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine.

Botox helps not only to smooth well wrinkles, but also to restore health – with its help the people get rid of constant headaches and excess perspiration, besides, use this medicine in ophthalmology and proktologiya. Modern doctors treat Botox cerebral palsy, squint and many other diseases. Only the certified specialist who already repeatedly carried out such procedure has to enter botulotoxin.

Procedure and effect: as to do it also what result can be received

Injections of Botox are carried out in out-patient conditions. At the considerable volume of work previously apply special tags in which will prick then Botox to skin. After its introduction to forehead zone the patient can feel some time slight headache. It is contraindicated to massage at the same time forehead.

Among restrictions for Botox injections – herpetic or pustulous rashes, intake of aspirin and tetracycline medicines and also periods.

The rejuvenating effect of Botox depends on specific features of organism and remains for nine months. Further it is necessary to maintain result, having repeated injection as the mobility of muscles is partially restored in four months, full restoration happens in five-eight months. The lasting and long effect from Botox is reached later two - or triple introduction of medicine within year. Accustoming of muscles to influence of botulotoxin has not been recorded that speaks about lack of need to increase medicine dose. The maximum rejuvenating effect of injections gives Botox combination to cosmetology programs.

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