Where the drooped skin after weight loss disappears

Where the drooped skin after weight loss disappears

Most of women aims at looking sexual and attractive. For the sake of beautiful forms, many are ready to adhere all life to diet. But as a result of sharp weight loss, skin can droop.

General information

When the person gains weight, skin begins to stretch gradually as a result of increase in volume of body. Over time cages get used to new state. If after a while, there is weight loss, ideally, skin has to be recovered gradually, being a little reduced in volume and tightened, not remaining unnecessary folds. But so occurs not always. At sharp weight loss, skin cells just do not manage to come to form, it droops that gives to figure not esthetic look.

How to prevent obvisany skin

The most important for this purpose is reasonable slow weight loss. At the same time it is the best of all to adhere to the healthy healthy nutrition. Thanks to it in month only 3-4 kg leave, but the organism manages to be restored, skin is tightened, and such weight loss does not threaten with sharp set of weight after the termination of diet. There is no diet in this case, the healthy nutrition has to become way of life.

To keep skin in tone temper its daily contrast shower. It will help both to prevent emergence of the drooped folds, and to tighten already available. Perfectly massage copes with problem of "excess" skin. It can be done as in salon, and independently. Honey, can, manual, by means of the massager — any kind of massage — the excellent assistant in the course of recovery of skin and reduction of figure in perfection. Do not refuse srubs. Peel skin 2-3 times a week and results will not keep themselves waiting. The fact is that thanks to this process there is cell regeneration. As a result skin considerably is tightened and becomes more elastic. The coffee srub which can easily be prepared houses has fine effect, having mixed the sung coffee with small amount of sugar. Tightening, anti-cellulite, moistening cream and skin oil — faithful assistants on the way to ideal body. Daily use of care products for skin renders positive result both in the course of its restoration after diets, and as prevention of obvisaniye and emergence of extensions. The sport helps to keep all organism in tone. Physical activities promote burning of calories and improvement of blood circulation in all organism. Therefore, skin receives the strengthened food, and it promotes giving of elasticity to it. When performing of all listed councils, skin can quite be given to tone and to tighten the folds formed after weight loss. But it is possible only in case the person has lost not too big weight. For example, loss as soon as possible of 20 kg and more promotes very strong obvisaniye of skin. It is possible to return it former look only by means of surgery. At the same time the surgeon will remove excess leather and will impose accurate seam. However any operations — stress for organism therefore grow thin slowly and constantly look after body to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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