Whether burdock oil against hair loss will help

Whether burdock oil against hair loss will help

Burdock oil is long since applied to hair care. This valuable natural means strengthens curls, treats split ends. Today oil from root of burdock or burdock big is successfully used against hair loss.

Many vitamins and other substances which are well influencing condition of hair are part of burdock oil. These are vitamins A, E, groups B, P, C, flavonoids, tannins, stearic acid, etc. Thanks to the content of natural inulin, oil cleans head skin, and bitterness accelerates growth of hair.

How to use burdock oil from hair loss

Quite often burdock oil is used for internal application. And outwardly it is applied to addition in composition of balms, masks, shampoos, combing creams. Oil of burdock is effective when performing massage of the head.

Burdock oil will help at treatment of dandruff, elimination of split ends, fragility of hair, dryness of head skin, loss and losses of elasticity of hair. Oil can be chosen even for eyelash care. It is desirable to use burdock oil in warm look, after causing structure the cores of hair and head skin are released from toxic dangerous substances. Such clarification does well to the weakened hair – useful substances begin to be soaked up more actively, exchange processes improve. However at hair loss it is regularly necessary to use burdock oil and long time to achieve desirable result.

We treat hair loss burdock oil

Valuable burdock oil has practically no contraindications, except individual intolerance. It is possible to use it at loss of head of hear in pure form, having slightly heated mix. For this purpose warm oil is rubbed in roots of hair, having warmed the head, it is necessary to wait for not less than half an hour then to wash hair with shampoo. Two times a week are enough to repeat mask that in month to notice effect. For strengthening of hair the honey mask with burdock oil perfectly helps. For its preparation one tablespoon of honey is mixed with the same amount of oil. Then add one egg to structure, having carefully mixed mask it is necessary to distribute it on all length of hair. Well rub mix in roots, then cover the head with cellophane and towel. It is recommended to leave mask for half an hour and more. Then the head needs to be washed usual shampoo. The mask with yeast is designed to stop hair loss. The recipe is simple: two tablespoons of yeast part in small amount of milk, in mix pour in one teaspoon of honey, on tablespoon burdock or olive (it is possible castoric) oils. Musk needs to maintain about an hour.

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