Whether creams from pigmental spots will help

Whether creams from pigmental spots will help

The problem of pigmental spots is known to many girls not by hearsay. Of course, it brings discomfort, and considerable. Ladies try to get rid of this defect of appearance in different ways. One of them – creams from pigmental spots.

To get rid of pigmental spots, for a start it is necessary to understand the reasons of their emergence. Usually formation of pigmental spots is consequence of trauma or any pathology. Primary pigmentation is freckles, secondary – post-acne spots.

Cream from pigmental spots, perhaps, the most available means for disposal of such misfortune. It does not make sense to consider separate grades of creams as not to count them. First of all, it is necessary to understand composition of the chosen cosmetic.

The most important actively active ingredient which is present at any cream from pigmental spots is called hydrochinone. Hydrochinone is toxic substance. Means with its high content oppress melanogenesis, but owing to use of such cosmetic substance on skin there can be dermatitis or allergic reaction. However, at some people even depigmentatsionny sites of skin are formed. Therefore, such cream needs to be applied, actively monitoring therapy process. It is possible to use the means containing plant extracts. They will help to get rid of pigmental spots. This way is safer. In this case choose the cosmetics containing arbutin. It is considered safe derivative of hydrochinone. Also use of cream from pigmental spots with the maintenance of licorice and parsley does not threaten with consequences. There is open question – whether creams will help to get rid of pigmental spots? Of course, the possibility of disposal of spots is, but also there is also risk to gain side effects in the form of depigmentation and allergy. However, partially you will be able to get rid of spots.

Bol effective method of disposal of pigmental spots are folk remedies. They have the mass of advantages before use of modern cosmetics. Folk remedies can be applied to removal of pigmental spots in house conditions. Besides, the effect of them is sometimes far more noticeable, than from the branded advertized cream. Thanks to natural products, the risk of side effects significantly decreases. But there are also shortcomings of national recipes of fight against pigmental spots. For example, often folk remedies help to clarify only pigmentation and to make it less noticeable, but do not remove it completely.

Effective folk remedy for removal of pigmental spots – mask from starch and lemon juice. One tablespoon of potato starch and lemon juice will be necessary for you for its preparation. Starch gets divorced in lemon juice before formation of dense mix. Ointment needs to be imposed on the pigmented sites of skin and to leave for 20-25 minutes then - to wash away.

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