Whether it is necessary to dry primer in lamp

Whether it is necessary to dry primer in lamp

mature ladies, and young girls dream of well-groomed beautiful marigold. The nature has pleased only with similar gift not all persons interested. Will help out building. In process the huge part is assigned to primer. Some versions demand drying only in lamp, others perfectly dry on air.

If earlier owners of problem nails had to suffer silently, hiding hands, then modern fashionistas increase marigold.

Types of primers

Varnish helps to support effective type of manicure long time. Primer – special structure for drawing on nails right after preparation for final degreasing and dehydration.

Primary covering, is responsible for strengthening, increase in stickiness of surface of plate with covering. Usually it is gel or liquid with acids or without them.

Directly depends on kind of structure whether to dry product in lamp or he will dry on air. In neyl-art use several versions:

  • acid;
  • acid-free;
  • bonder.

The most popular primers are made on the basis of methacrylic acid. Because of its special aggression apply it with extra care.

The acid structure is used for acrylic building, during the work with gel. But in the latter case masters try to manage substances less caustic. Medicines usually dry in UV rays.

The acid-free option is more available and delicate. It is not used in acrylic building due to the lack of desirable effect. And in lamp such covering stays much more often. But everything depends on special instructions of the producer. The most demanded brand of similar structure is Bluesky. It perfectly dries on air. UF-drying is not necessary. Over Blyuskay put desirable covering and enjoy half of month beautiful manicure.

Special instructions

Bondera are not considered as full-fledged primers. Means provides only degreasing of plate. The product is ideal under usual gel polishes. The prep-primer before causing acid structures for disposal of excess of fat on nail is quite often used.

Dry in the ultra-violet lamp, however and on air medicine perfectly dries up in only a few minutes. To the ultrabond of the Kodi lamp to anything. It will perfectly dry out without it.

Medicine is universal. It is suitable also for acrylic building, and for gel and as base under usual varnish.

On skin it is impossible to allow hit of primers. If in the instruction there is similar instruction, so to dry means it is necessary in lamp timed by the producer. If there are no special instructions, several minutes are enough to sit and to wait.

Action of ultraviolet accelerates drying. As a result drying takes several seconds that considerably saves time. All options can be arranged under themselves. If it is desirable to finish manicure quicker, then the primer can be dried in the UF-lamp. Such way does not do harm: it how to dry substance on the street under beams of the sun. 

However professionals assure that any kind of primer perfectly dries up in several minutes and without UF-adaptation. So in use of lamp of need simply any is not present.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team