Whether it is necessary to shave legs above knee

Smooth well-groomed legs – it is beautiful, especially if it is about female legs. Many ladies prefer to get rid of indumentum by means of the razor. It is simple, quickly and cheap. And how it is correct to shave legs? And whether it is necessary to delete the hairs growing above knee?

Before shaving legs it is better to take shower that skin was softened and hairs have become impregnated with water. It is necessary to make shaving safe and painless. It is possible to make foot massage by means of srub – it will remove scales of the died-off skin. When preparation is finished, it is necessary to apply to skin foam or mousse for shaving.

Whether to shave legs overknee? If hair on this site very thick also have dark color, and the epilator brings too many sufferings, then it is possible. Physicians claim that harm from it will not be. Everything depends on your desire. If you consider that hairs above knee are imperceptible, then it is possible not to touch them. In particular, if you wear trousers more often, but not short skirts or small shorts.

If you have decided that you will shave legs, be ready to emergence of irritation on skin – on hips it is very sensitive. Besides, the hairs growing after shaving can become even more dark, thickness and thick. Nevertheless, the razor – the fastest and easy way to get rid of hair standing.

Before shaving it is necessary to moisten edge with water. There are two ways of shaving: in the direction of growth of hair and against it. In the first case the possibility of injury of skin is minimized, however the result can be not too good. At the second option skin becomes clean and smooth, but it is possible to be cut easily. The leg should be processed strips, trying not to carry out two times in the same places – it can injure skin. Having finished shaving, rinse the machine, from legs remove foam or gel from legs and wipe them soft towel dry. That the effect of shaving kept longer, it is possible to alternate it to use of cream depilator or wax. As for epilator, it not really is suitable for these parts of the body – pain from the procedure will spoil all mood and can discourage for a long time to removal of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team