Whether it is possible to remove tattoo in house conditions

Whether it is possible to remove tattoo in house conditions

The relation to tattoo in society changes very quickly. About twenty years ago the tattoo was associated, generally with prison or army blue headdress. In the 90th abstract black patterns, symbols and hieroglyphs have become fashionable. Now people aim to do beautiful, qualitative tattoos, giving for it considerable money. But at any time there were those who would like to reduce tattoo from the body. Some of them try to use too cardinal methods, life-threatening.

Removal of usual tattoo

Before you try to reduce tattoo in house conditions any of ways, understand the simple truth: it cannot be done at all, nothing will turn out and do not even try to make it, you can do irreparable harm to the health!

It is possible to find heap of ways of house data in the Internet, from iodine, salty water and peroxide of hydrogen, to absolutely terrible acetic and other acids and driving in under milk skin. All of them, in fact, are aimed at one – chemical burn of skin. Really, the burned skin with paint gradually will descend. But, first, at permanent make-up the needle gets quite deeply, and it is unknown how long you should burn the skin before paint disappears absolutely. Secondly, even if to you will have the luck not to catch infection and not to go crazy from pain on the place of data, on the place burned with chemicals there will be scar which will hardly look it better than tattoo.

There are only two effective methods of removal of undesirable tattoo: to block its new or to reduce the laser. These are expensive ways, but only therefore ask for the help in good tattoo salon. Do not save on the health and appearance.

If you do not like not the fact of availability of tattoo, and the drawing, others can block it. Similar work is called cover up, can carry out it skilled to the Tat master.

Removal of tattoo henna

The tattoo henna actually even that is not. At this method of drawing paint gets not under skin, and on it, and in itself it will be erased in 1-3 weeks. But if you need to output the drawing as soon as possible, it can be done in several ways. Do not expect, however, that the tattoo will manage to be removed at once – 1-2 days will be required. During the day several times walk on skin any laundry soap, then any (purchased or self-made) srub. Do not rub skin srub too strongly not to injure.

According to the statistics approximately every fifth owner of tattoo regrets that he has made it, and wishes to get rid of it.

Wipe skin with mix of juice of lemon, the added some salt water, juice of cucumber and juice of root of parsley. This excellent means for skin lightening, only you remember that not only the drawing, but also skin which you wipe will become lighter, at swarty girls it can be noticeable. As a last resort wipe skin with hydrogen peroxide, but you remember that it can strongly do it to dry up and to cause allergic reaction. Whatever way you have chosen, after each attempt of data smear the skin with the moisturizing cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team