Whether red nails are vulgar?

Whether red nails are vulgar?

Manicure red color can be considered vulgar if it is used out of place. Nails have to be the finishing accent of all image, supplement it, but not spoil all ensemble.

Shades red and appearance

Red color expresses strong emotions of the person at whose shape it is present. Nails of red color can testify to strong nature of the woman, independence, pride and self-confidence. But there are several rules, following which, it is possible not to worry that you will be considered the vulgar person.

Nails have to be well-groomed. The cracked varnish of any color on fingers with agnails will vulgarly look and to push away people around.

Red has set of shades. Select it according to your type of skin. Such shades as terracotta, scarlet, strawberry, brick, coral will be suitable for warm type. On nails of "cold" girls it will be good to look crimson, wine, purple, beet, ruby, cherry varnish. Swarty skin is perfectly combined with burgundy and dark cherry color.

Also when choosing shade red consider your hair color. Varnishes of red color with impurity crimson or pink will be suitable for blondes and light brown girls. In combination with red hair blood-red nails and also tomaty and scarlet shades of varnish will perfectly look. Dark hair are well combined with any shades, except mountain ash. Long nails, oval or rectangular with the rounded corners, are ideal for covering red varnish. Wide and short nails extremely it is not recommended to varnish such color. Remember that red color in itself is bright accent therefore do not overload manicure of this color with decorative pattern, spangles, rhinestones. Nacreous shades red most often look vulgarly. If you want to find "the" red, we advise to choose it in those shops in which there are samplers. Apply with thick layer strip on nail and look how it is combined with your skin and hair. Do not buy big bottle of shade, new to you, at once. If the tone suits you, then safely take large volume.

Age and reason for red manicure

Red manicure is appropriate on nails of the business lady or office worker. The emphasis on nails will become highlight of black-and-white strict image, especially, if you work in the creative sphere. Nails of red color look vulgarly on nails of schoolgirls who try to replace the natural beauty artificial. To the place the red shades of nails will be on secular actions, parties, photoshoots, in working situation of on-stage performance group. Ridiculous red manicure will be in sports image, when holding opinion polls on the street and also in workplace at offices of the small firms far from the creative sphere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team