Whether soap is necessary for intimate hygiene

Whether soap is necessary for intimate hygiene

Than to be washed away to women and teenage girls not to do much harm to the female health? In the 21st century the similar question will seem to nobody indecent any more. But most of all fine half interests whether soap is necessary for intimate hygiene or it is worth choosing other means.

  • - gel for intimate hygiene;
  • - mousse for intimate hygiene;
  • - napkins for intimate hygiene;
  • - cream for intimate hygiene;
  • - spray deodorant for intimate hygiene.

1. Female hygiene – business very thin. If level rn face skin and body is 5.5, then this rate means for vagina candidiasis, i.e. the milkwoman. The vagina is not integument, and mucous, rn is much lower than it. Therefore for podmyvaniye special means for intimate hygiene which will not break microflora are necessary.

2. If gel or skin for intimate hygiene costs on open counter on the street where it is influenced by open sunshine, it is not recommended to take such product. It is better to go to drugstore or special shop of cosmetics, to ask the certificate of quality for the seller, to attentively study packing, to look at date of production and only then to make purchase.

3. Means for intimate hygiene are very different so it is possible to do without usual solid soap. The most popular means is gel. Can be washed away by it adult girls and women during pregnancy. It normalizes rn vaginas, without overdrying mucous membrane, and does not form strong foam. The last indicator speaks about lack of aggressive washing ingredients and natural structure.

4. To the second in the rating of means for intimate hygiene there is mousse. Its air consistence is developed especially for sensitive skin. Even wash with mousse and wash away babies, in its structure there are no fragrances. Gel or skin for intimate hygiene always include the lactic acid so necessary for vagina microflora.

5. After use of special means to very few people it is interesting whether soap is necessary for intimate hygiene. Especially as the answer of gynecologists unambiguous – is not present. Solid soap is not simply useless, it is undesirable for podmyvaniye. As this product contains large amount of alkali, and acidic environment of vagina for 90% consists of lactobacilli, soap destroys microflora that promotes reproduction of microbes and leads to various diseases.

6. Besides mousse and gel it is possible to use napkins for intimate hygiene. This product is applied when there is no access to water. Napkins are irreplaceable on travel. There are special intimate napkins for little girls that considerably facilitates the procedure of change of diaper in way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team