Whether the girl has to do tattoos?

Whether the girl has to do tattoos?

From time immemorial people decorated themselves with tattoos – the resistant drawing applied on certain part of the body. The first mentions of next-to-skin drawings have appeared at excavation in Peru, at the Supreme priests of many people was considered as obligatory to put distinctive signs on face and body, and intricate erotic tattoos had popularity at the Japanese geishas.

Modern and progressive part of the population of the planet, aiming at identity, fill tattoos, sincerely believing that it is attractive and stylish. Numerous tattoos salons offer various and various patterns, both simple, and difficult and volume. Masters use the most modern methods of drawing tattoos.

Girls, inclined to sentimentality, are most subject to styles, and decorate the bodies with patterns which put to the most unexpected and intimate places, for minute without thinking of the numerous consequences capable to do harm to organism and health.

Physical harm of tattoo

Feature of the procedure is introduction of the painting pigment to hypodermic cellulose that allows to keep tattoo within several decades, besides drawing pattern on skin is rather painful. Violation of integrity of integument reduces immunity of organism, and leads to numerous diseases of those bodies in the field of which the tattoo has been put. These are, as a rule, problems with cardiovascular, respiratory, urinogenital system. One more danger to gentle female body is emergence of allergic reactions, probability of infection with dermatitis, eczemas, AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis and tetanus. Use not always of sterile tools increases risk of developing of hepatitis B or S. Besides, presenilation of skin increases the probability of deleting of contours of pattern that results in esthetic defect. It is strictly forbidden to fill tattoo to girls and to young people to the women having diabetes.

Spiritual harm of tattoo

Confirmation of harm of tattoos can be found in any religion of the world. Violation of integrity of the integument given to the person Bogom is considered huge sin. In addition there is spiritual and social responsibility and to posterity. The grandson or the granddaughter can ask the grandmother for what she has made any given pattern and whether it is possible to follow its example. And in case of refusal can ignore the ban, including himself has the right to self-express. Modern tribes use various patterns for drawing on body, however, belong them, as to the obligatory and symbolical drawing having mystical value. They have knowledge of value of symbolics of tattoos that is absent at modern people. Therefore the experts who are engaged in studying symbolics recommend to choose any given pattern with care not to draw trouble upon themselves and the relatives. One more important aspect of drawing tattoo consists in relevance of this drawing which can bother over time, and opportunity to get rid of it will not be provided possible.

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