Whether the hairdresser has to sterilize hairdresser's tools

Whether the hairdresser has to sterilize hairdresser's tools

Each beauty shop respecting itself or hairdressing salon always tries to provide to the clients the most high-quality services. At the same time some clients all the same ask the question the hairdresser's tools are how clean? - on them there can be microscopic particles of skin and dandruff which have remained from the previous visitors. Whether so the hairdresser has to sterilize the working equipment?

Sterility of the hairdresser's tool

The hairbrushes, scissors and brushes used by the master at hairstyle of hair need to be washed out in flowing water, to clean from visible contaminations and only then to put them in disinfectant solution. At the same time the tool has to plunge completely into it, and after to be rinsed with water. Also the hairdresser can use vysokoncentrirovanny spray disinfector which is sprayed on the surface of the tool.

Besides, in beauty shops have to clean and disinfect dry-heat cases for processing of tools.

The hairdresser in beauty shop or hairdressing salon is also obliged to sterilize carefully hair curlers, clips, grids and caps for wave under flowing water with detergents. Removable electric knives of machines need to be disinfected after each client by means of disinfecting solution, and their fixed metal parts have to be cleaned carefully from hair and be sprayed twice with the disinfector. After processing the hairdresser's tool has to be stored in the special place where there will be no its repeated pollution.

Mechanical cleaning or sterilization of the tool

The hairdresser is obliged to make cleaning of peignoir of the cut hair in utility room or the place specially allotted for this purpose. Hair it is forbidden to blow off phenom or to shake from peignoirs near working chair as they get into airways and can cause strong irritation of nasopharynx or allergic reactions. The hairdresser has to apply sealed containers which are covered by disposable garbage packages from within to utilization of the used peignoirs and hair.

Ideally the hairdresser has to have not one, and several sets of the hairdresser's tool which it will be able to change, without waiting for the end of disinfection.

Reuse of garbage plastic bags and vytryakhivaniye of their contents in container for household waste is strictly forbidden. Disinfection of the hairdresser's equipment can be also carried out by means of ultra-violet lamps which serve both as the bacterial disinfector, and for storage of the disinfected tool before the following use. Also the hairdresser has to keep clean working mirror, chair and table on which huge number of traces of clients in the form of parts of hair, dandruff and the died-off skin cells accumulates.

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