Whether the intimate hairstyle is necessary to men

Whether the intimate hairstyle is necessary to men

Women have got used to look after bikini zone. They carefully watch personal hygiene, do various intimate hairstyles or simple epilation. The men preferring to carry intimate hairstyles meet much less often.

What does need of intimate hairstyle at the man consist in?

Very often in ancient times the soldiers of tribes before implementation of distant campaigns shaved bare the head and also other parts of the body which are not deprived of hair.

It has been connected only with the hygienic purposes as in such campaigns there was no place to wash and there was not enough time for it.

In the modern world of the man do intimate hairstyles only to make stronger impression on the partner. Practical aspects were pushed into the background now.

Types of men's intimate hairstyles

The hairstyle under zero is the most popular. It does not demand either imagination, or experience, nor takes a lot of time. Thanks to such hairstyle it is possible to increase visually penis as vegetation all will be shaved. Such hairstyle can cause desire to touch in girls. Usually partners of the owner of such intimate hairstyle are more ready for oral sex. And the reasons of it are quite clear.

Minus of such hairstyle are several days of certain discomfort when the new young growth appears, the second minus are very frowns in shower and saunas in public places.

The second popular hairstyle is hedgehog. It is possible to make it by means of the special trimmer in only several minutes. Already it does not cause stir at ladies, in comparison with the first type of hairstyle. But such hairstyle speaks about ukhozhennost. Such hairstyle has no minuses. The third type of hairstyle – mixed. Pubis it is necessary to tonsure by means of the trimmer, and here the zone bikini and zone of genitals need to be shaved completely bare. In this hairstyle all pluses of two previous types of hairstyles unite, minus are unpleasant feelings during growth of hair. Any other hairstyle will be just kind of one of above the listed three types. Hairstyles from each other only will differ in the drawing which is shaved on pubis. Such hairstyles cause stupor in honest housewives, but can strongly please very young girls, some girls can fall into hysterical laughter. At joint visit of sauna I will be able to create furor various hearts, elephants, turrets. Some men are simply not accustomed to the correct the genitals care therefore they wear boxer shorts, and all is equal to them on how the place which is at them between legs looks. The most interesting that nearly 88% of men prefer the same thickets and at women.

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