Whether the pregnant woman can dye hair

Whether the pregnant woman can dye hair

Contrary to popular belief, the most part of doctors and hairdressers consider that pregnant women can dye hair. It is just necessary to consider several important nuances.

Popular beliefs

Certainly, in the world, researches on pregnant women, were not conducted by the purpose which obtaining information on impact of paint on health of fruit was. However long-term observations show that high-quality coloring by the checked paint in good salon at the experienced expert does not do harm to either the pregnant woman, or her child. Certainly, in case of absence of allergy.

Contrary to popular belief, chemical compounds from paint cannot get to organism through hair. There was number of researches which has suggested some scientists idea that coloring of hair during pregnancy can cause neuroplasty in future child. These researches have been continued, but the made experiments have not confirmed this conclusion.

For simplification of incubation of the child it is very important to pregnant woman to feel well on the emotional plan. Natural desire to look good is one of aspects of health. So if coloring of hair seems to the pregnant woman something important, you should not refuse it.

Important details

There are several nuances which can reduce concern level concerning coloring of hair during pregnancy. For example, it is better to resort to coloring of hair from the second trimester, by this time the fruit will already enough get stronger. It is whenever possible best of all to choose the natural painting means, for example, henna or basma. If they do not approach, rather attentively to study packing of expected paint, it is desirable that in its structure there were no harmful chemicals like benzenediol or aminophenol. Unfortunately, most of producers use these substances in the paints. Ideally the choice of paint needs to be coordinated with the qualified specialist. It will pick up to you paint without toxins, heavy metals and other harmful compounds which can be dangerous also to the woman who does not bear the child. It is the best of all not to use paints with peroxide and ammonia. Coloring should be entrusted the good professional who will track that paint minimum contacted to skin. It is the best of all to come to salon at the very beginning of the working day when it is a little clients in salon. It will allow to reduce the number of harmful effects like evaporations from chemical waves. Independent coloring of hair needs to be made in the aired room, it is better not to doderzhat paint on the head, than to overdo. After coloring it is necessary to wash out hair very carefully. If there is opportunity, instead of resistant paint it is better to use the tinting shampoos or gel in which there is no such amount of chemistry, as in resistant paints.

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