Who will suit kolorirovaniye of hair

Who will suit kolorirovaniye of hair

Kolorirovaniye is special method of coloring of locks of hair. In difference from highlighting at which use no more than two paints the kolorirovaniye can be carried out with application to ten dyes.

Kolorirovaniye options

Kolorirovaniye of hair is one of available means of change of appearance. It can be made at professional hairdressers or independently in house conditions.

To make initial kolorirovaniye, it is recommended to address the expert, in process of growth of hair it is possible to paint them independently.

There are various options of kolorirovaniye. By the form executions it is cross and longitudinal. At longitudinal way of coloring various shades are put on all length of hair. At cross smooth transitions from dark shades to light are provided therefore the hairstyle looks very naturally. At this way of coloring color will be keep much longer.

On appearance the kolorirovaniye is multi-color, neon, nacreous, patten and Californian. At multi-color coloring the wide range of shades which suits almost any woman is used. Such coloring on dark hair places emphasis on lighter and more dark locks. Nacreous coloring is very popular abroad. For its performance use the special paint changing the color at different lighting. Thus, the effect of transfusion is reached. Such kolorirovaniye will be very good to look on fair hair. For neon coloring very bright colors are used. Also other option of such coloring when bright only a few locks of hair become is popular. The Californian kolorirovaniye creates smooth transition from dark roots to platinum tips. It is difficult to distinguish similar coloring from natural color. The patten kolorirovaniye is creation of patterns and drawings on hair by means of cliches. Light patterns on dark hair or, on the contrary, dark patterns on light will originally look.

How to choose suitable option of kolorirovaniye

The multi-color kolorirovaniye which will help to change image will be suitable for women with dark hair better. It is possible to create unique hairstyle, having combined longitudinal and cross ways of coloring. The patten kolorirovaniye will be suitable for lovers of experiments, it will emphasize identity and style.

The patten kolorirovaniye on dark hair looks very effectively therefore this type of coloring is quite popular among stars.

Women with fair hair can choose coloring as the natural tones having one color scale. Kolorirovaniye on such hair also allows to use and dark tone. It is possible to apply both nacreous coloring, and neon to light curls. It is possible to choose chestnut, reddish, ashy shades of locks. To pick up suitable option, it is possible to look at photos of hairstyles with different types of kolorirovaniye.

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