Why after suntan skin gets down

Why after suntan skin gets down

Beautiful and equal suntan – dream of many girls. However quite often long stay in the sun comes to an end with reddening and strong peeling of skin. Over time it begins to get down that does not add appeal. It is possible to avoid this problem if to listen to professional advice.

Useful recommendations

If after long stay in the sun on skin there were burns and strong reddening, it is necessary to remove independently softly upper layer died off which has fairly suffered from excess ultraviolet. It is possible to perform this procedure in house conditions. For this purpose you need body scrub. It is recommended to get it in drugstore. Before purchase surely it is necessary to study the instruction for application.

When choosing srub it is necessary to examine attentively product, paying attention to the maintenance of abrasive particles. They should not be rigid and sharp. In this case srubs with seeds of grape or apricot will not approach. The best option – sugar srub with the content of natural oils of almonds, olives or avocado. It will excellently peel dead skin cells, having softly humidified the surface of skin. Such procedure will allow to return elasticity and equal type of body.

Skin moistening

To avoid solar burns, it is necessary to moisturize surely before reception of solar bathtubs the skin. Thus, it will not get down.

As the moistening means it is possible to use special cream or to prepare mix for skin nourishment independently.

When choosing of the moisturizing cream for suntan attentively study its structure. Give preference to cosmetics which part extracts of curative herbs, such as camomile, aloe belief or calendula are. This cream not only will perfectly humidify the surface of skin, but also will accelerate its restoration. After suntan also you should not forget about skin moistening. In this case it is possible to use simple make-shifts: curdled milk, cream or sour cream.

It should be noted that fermented milk products perfectly moisturize and feed the skin, increasing its elasticity.

If near at hand there are no fermented milk products, sea-buckthorn or olive vegetable oil excellently will approach. They should grease regularly skin to avoid negative consequences after suntan.

We strengthen organism

It is worth to remember that if skin after reception of solar bathtubs grows bare - it is not only external problem. You remember: in human body everything is interconnected. If the surface of skin has got burn, it needs to begin to be supported from within. The complex of vitamins and minerals, the balanced water-salt balance will help with it. At regular reception of solar bathtubs to avoid burns and negative consequences, it is necessary to increase daily intake of liquid to 2.5 liters. Especially it is necessary to drink much milk as it contains protein which is necessary for skin cell regeneration. Also experts recommend to accept to currents of day natural juice, green tea without sugar and mineral water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team