Why function of ionization on the hair dryer for hair is necessary?

Why function of ionization on the hair dryer for hair is necessary?

Healthy hair quietly transfer various laying and drying. The weakened head of hear in it is limited. In such situations the hair dryer with air ionization function can become rescue.

Influence of charges on hair and principle of operation of the hair dryer with ionization function

There are positive and negative charges making impact on all organism. More it is noticeable on hair. At accumulation of positive charges of lock are electrified, become in fluffy and disobedient. Under the influence of negative particles of scale on hair are closed thanks to what they become obedient, brilliant and smooth.

At inclusion in the hair dryer of the ionizing function the generator of negative ions which is built in inside which enrich the coming-out air becomes active. Getting on head of hear, they neutralize the positive charges formed when heating.

Advantages of hair dryers with the ionizer

The main advantage of similar hair dryers is the positive effect rendered on hair by negatively charged particles. These ions in itself are not able to cure the damaged head of hear, but they promote weakening of harmful effects of hot air.

At ionization function use, harm from regular use of the hair dryer decreases many times.

Use of the hair dryer with the function ionizing air interferes with dehydration and peresushivaniye of hair. Ions promote transformation of moisture on hair in instantly absorbed smallest drops. The head of hear at the same time dries quicker. All this promotes preservation of natural level of moisture content. The reason of oily hair can disappear in their overdried state. Therefore use of the hair dryer with the ionizer can help to fix this problem.

Plentiful release of skin fat can be protective reaction of head skin to dehydration.

When use of the hair dryer with ionization is obligatory

The positive effect from use of the similar hair dryer is observed in cold season (fall, winter) when it is necessary to wear caps. Besides, function of ionization is necessary at frequent laying – more than 1 time in 7 days. The result and on weak, splitting, excessively dry or, on the contrary, oily hair is noticeable. The people possessing healthy hair, as a rule, do not notice positive result. Therefore they have impression that the ionizing function is useless. However here it is necessary to remember that ionization does not treat, and minimizes harm from hot air. As the result, hair take healthy form and easier give in to laying.

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