Why hair are electrified

Why hair are electrified

Unlike people with short hairstyles the owners of long head of hear faced problem of electrization of hair more than once. Putting on sweater, taking off cap or being just combed, many notice that hair begin to crackle and rise quietly. Why it occurs?

Static electricity arises during friction. When you put on sweater, pushing the head through woolen neck, hair adjoin to wool fibers because of what there is electric charge. Hair and wool, as well as any objects on the earth, consist of atoms. In the center of any atom there is positively charged kernel, and in it – protons and neutrons. And the first have positive charge, and the last as it is possible to understand from the name, are neutral.

If atom has kernel, so except it there is some space. It is filled by negatively charged electrons which are attracted to kernel by protons. Exactly thanks to this attraction everything has certain form around, but does not break up to set of chaotic particles. The ratio of negative and positive charges in atom is balanced therefore it – is neutral and cannot form electric charge.

So from where it arises? The fact is that at contact of different objects the negatively charged electrons of one of them can pass into atoms of another. Thereby the balance of negative and positive charges in atoms is for a while broken, and there is electrization. It is interesting that if hair not clean or damp, the static stress is not observed. It appears, moisture smoothes friction and brings possibility of its emergence to naught. That hair were less electrified, choose wooden, but not plastic hairbrushes. Replace the ordinary hair dryer on in what there is ionization function. From time to time rinse the head with mineral water. If you have no individual intolerance of essential lavender oil, add 1-2 drops to shampoo or hair balm at each washing. Or prepare water-based spray with addition of couple of drops of this essential oil and regularly spray liquid on hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team