Why hair drop out together with bulb

Why hair drop out together with bulb

The hair loss is natural process of organism, cages are updated. However if the hair core drops out together with hair bulb, it is necessary to pay attention to condition of the organism. Such phenomenon can be signal of any serious disease.

Causes of hair loss

Every day at the person about 100 hair can drop out. Of course, it is very difficult to count quantity of the dropped-out filaments. Therefore carry out the small test. Take small bunch of not washed up curls in hand, slightly pull them. If you have seen more than five remained hair in hand, to you is what to worry about. Pay attention to hair tip if you have noticed dark sack – hair bulb, so you grow bald. You, first of all, need to look for the reason.

The hair loss can be connected with such serious diseases as diabetes, pneumonia, STD, anemia. Also it can be symptom of violation of work of thyroid gland, reproductive organs. Baldness can develop in women during climax, pregnancies. In this case it is necessary to make tests on hormones.

The deficiency of any vitamins and microelements can become the cause of hair loss. Let's say if to organism magnesium for normal work suffices, it first of all will affect condition of hair. In addition you will be tormented by insomnia, to arise sharp breast pain, to occur numbness of extremities. If the organism has deficiency of zinc, besides baldness you will notice on irritation skin, pimples. If the person diligently fights against excess weight, using various diets, it is no wonder that his hair drop out together with bulbs. Together with slags and toxins various additives for weight loss wash away vitamins from organism. If you want to reduce weight, address the nutritionist. The wrong hair care can be one more cause of baldness. Let's say if to use laying means, to constantly subject head of hear to high temperatures, to use cheap products as the painting means, not to be necessary to be surprised to emergence of high temples.

How to get rid of baldness

To stop hair loss, it is necessary to reveal and remove the cause. For this purpose address the expert. The doctor will help you to restore head of hear, having appointed medicines and, perhaps, any procedures, for example, massage of the head. Slightly it is possible to slow down baldness also folk remedies. Daily rub the crushed parsley seeds in head skin; rinse the head the broth prepared from nettle; wash the head with wood ashes; rub the burdock oil which is previously heated on water bath in the head; do various masks, for example, from honey, onions and black are rare.

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