Why hair split

Why hair split

They are well familiar to most of people – dissect tips of hair of which it is not so easy to get rid. Even the sostriganiye does not help, in few weeks the problem returns and made a fresh start. If the nobility why it occurs, then having overcome the reason, it is possible to cope also with the misfortune.

The reasons on which hair split can be a little. The hair stratified on two, three and sometimes even bigger quantity of parts is called splitting. It can happen both on the end, and over all its length. Most often the reason of emergence of this problem has mechanical character.

The main suspects in this case are the wrong hairbrushes injuring hair. The owner of hair becomes the following responsible. It is known that long hair split stronger. The hair are longer, the tips are more senior than them. During the day they constantly about something fight: about the owner's shoulders, about his clothes, rub about pillow. All this loading is not in vain and one day leads to breakage of hair.

Washing does not harm hair, and here drying very. Wet hair last stronger dry, quicker and are injured. They can easily be damaged usual friction about towel or stream of hot air from the hair dryer. One more risk factor is the kolorirovaniye at which under the influence of chemicals of scale of hair rise, helping paint to get inside. The conditioner conditioner applied after the procedure smoothes them back. If there was not enough conditioner or it was distributed unevenly, the hair remains "open", begins to be stratified, that is to split. The splitting hair cannot be stuck together back, it is possible to take only preventive measures in order that they did not split further. At least once a week it is worth applying the treating mask which will create the protective layer preventing possible future traumatizing on hair. Shampoo and conditioner for daily leaving have to be from series too "for the injured hair" or "against the splitting hair". Medical serum, oil against the splitting hair - all this can easily be found in cosmetic department of any large shop. Well it is also impossible to forget about regular visit of hairdressing salon. Sostriganiye of tips of times in one and a half-two months not only will not truncate hair, but also will promote their more rapid growth, and the healthy look will become pleasant bonus to the updated hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team