Why nails on hands peel off

Why nails on hands peel off

Time of the woman complain of bad condition of nails: they exfoliate, turn yellow, badly grow. Stratification of nail plate can happen in connection with various factors. It is possible to get rid of this problem, having removed the cause.

Reasons of stratification of nails

Nails are not only decoration of the woman! They perform important function of organism which consists in protection of trailer phalanxes of fingers against external damages. The healthy nail has to be strong and elastic. If you have noticed stratification, pay attention to condition of the organism.

Often the nail peels off because of the shortage of vitamins, microelements. For example, if the organism lacks calcium, it first of all will affect condition of nail plate. In this case it is necessary to use more fermented milk products. The lack of such element as magnesium can be the cause of bad condition of nails. To fill daily dose, using usual products, it is almost impossible. Let's say to receive norm of magnesium, you should eat about 2 kg of meat for time.

Such vitamins as A, B, E, C are responsible for condition of nails. Use more berries, fresh vegetables, fruit and nut.

If you have noticed the exfoliating nails, check liver, kidneys, GIT, thyroid gland and reproductive organs. Perhaps, the reason of stratification of nail plate is in organism. The stress, depression, overfatigue and decrease in immunity can be one more cause. Nails receive loading and in everyday situations. Let's say you need to knock over something. You, naturally, do it by means of nail, without suspecting that you break integrity of keratinaceous layers. The micro gap is formed, it increases, appears cavity. It is possible to worsen condition of nail plate by means of the substances which are in tap water. They dry it. Therefore grease hands after washing with nutritious cream.

Treatment of stratification of nails

To improve condition of nail plate, correctly look after it. Surely grease nails with nutritious cream. Carry out all homeworks when which carrying out you use detergents in gloves. Process nail plate olive oil. Use baths with sea salt. Time in 10 days surely do manicure. If you have noticed that the condition of nails worsens, address the expert. Clinics can offer you such procedure as closing.

During its carrying out the expert will layer-by-layer apply the medicines containing various vitamins and microelements on plate.

And, of course, to prevent flaking of keratinaceous layers, it is necessary to diversify the diet, having entered useful products.

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