Why roots of hair hurt

Why roots of hair hurt

Pain of roots of hair – really unexpected problem. Be not surprised that people around will not understand you if you address them with the complaint. Pain of roots of hair is shown usually when you comb them or throw hair, stacking hairstyle. Why roots of hair hurt?

Roots of hair can hardly hurt in itself. Most likely, matter in head skin. And what is not so with it? The reasons can be different. Too hard hairstyles. If you have got used to carry constantly tail, head skin is pulled together all the time. What, of course, affects it not in the best way. Try to refuse this hairstyle for some time and to go with flowing hair.

Sometimes to pain in roots of hair the wrong leaving comes. For example, if your hairbrush strongly electrifies hair.

Perhaps, skin of your head too dry. The used shampoo or other conditioning agent dries skin. Take care of its moistening. There are also special srubs for head skin. The moisturizing shampoos, masks for skin – all this will do you good.

Violation of blood circulation in head skin can also be the reason of unexpected pain. Here business can be also in disease of vessels, or in their spasm. To the last brings lack of headdress into cold season. Yes, the cap saves not only from cold, but also protects your hair. According to one of versions, pain in roots of hair – one of symptoms of vegeto-vascular dystonia. Sometimes roots of hair begin to hurt when you change hair parting or pin up bang back. The fact is that your hair have got used to lie in one party and when this situation changes, they hurt hair bulbs and head skin. If all of you intend to continue to change hairstyle, this pain just should be endured. Quickly light massage will help to remove it. The nerves which are the reason of many diseases can be involved also here. If recently you often are exposed to stresses, for certain the reason in it. Light massage will help to kill pain. The trichologist can establish the exact cause of pain of roots of hair. Sometimes it is necessary to visit also the neurologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team