Why striya appear at men

Why striya appear at men

Extensions on skin, or striya – the phenomenon rather widespread both at women, and at men. Upon it atrophic hems. They represent often repeating curved lines on body. At men of striya appear, as a rule, on skin in forearms, armpits, buttocks, hips and stomach. Reasons for their emergence set.

Reasons of emergence of extensions in men

One of common causes of emergence of extensions at men is fast increase in body weight. In this case natural process of elasticity of skin simply does not manage to cope with big set of weight. And result of it striya are formed. It can happen to men who do not watch the food allowance and are inclined to completeness.

Excessive physical activities can also provoke emergence of extensions on body to muscles. Men who do bodybuilding suffer from very often this problem. If not to control increase in volume of muscles, their rapid growth breaks off skin fibers.

Also emergence of striya in men can be the reason hormonal changes together with the sharp growth of body. Especially it concerns young people at teenage age.

The inherited tendency and genetics influences availability of extensions on body too. Scientific research has shown that at grandsons and children the probability of emergence of striya is higher if someone from relatives faced similar problem. Quite often the pancreas disease is the reason of emergence of extensions on body of men. It is known that this misfortune is followed by allocation in cortisol organism. It, in turn, weakens connecting tissues of skin. Intake of medicines which belong to group of glucocorticoids or corticosteroids also provokes emergence of extensions. Quite often their prolonged use brings in the end result to obesity. Perhaps, emergence of extensions on skin is connected with diseases of endocrine system, such as disorder of function of pancreas or thyroid gland, diabetes, etc.

Anyway for specification of the causes of striya it is necessary to see consultation the attending physician.

Useful recommendations

At treatment of striya important role is played by time, that is fast reaction of the person to the first emergence of hems on skin is important. The good and fast result can be achieved at the first stages of this disease. If striya were formed more than a year ago and have already created accurate sides, then completely it will be possible to eliminate defect hardly. In that case it is possible to expect special cosmetology procedures which will help to make striya less noticeable. It can be median peelings, mesotherapy, RF lifting, LPG massage. The experienced expert, having studied condition of skin of your body, will pick up the most suitable procedure.

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