Why the make-up can age

Why the make-up can age

Cosmetics is intended to make women more attractive and young. The correct make-up is capable to emphasize advantages, and here mistakes in make-up can lead to the fact that visually the woman will become much more senior than the true age.

Too dense tone means

Tone means can hide some shortcomings of skin, but if to put it with too thick layer, the person will become similar to mask. The powder applied over foundation can aggravate situation. Instead of dense tone means it is recommended to give preference to easy and liquid fluids, and concealers will help to get rid of local shortcomings on skin. It is especially important to select the correct shade that the face and neck after putting foundation were identical color.

Wrong color of concealer

To hide shadows under the eyes, many resort to the help of the proofreader, but make mistake because of which this cosmetic becomes the enemy, but not the friend. Too light concealer hides dark circles, but at the same time result in "effect of panda" when skin around eyes becomes several tones lighter than the person in general. When using concealer it is necessary to moisturize the skin, otherwise it will emphasize all wrinkles, having made them visually much more, than in reality.

Lipstick of too dark color

In spite of the fact that dark lipsticks of saturated flowers remain at the height of fashion, it is not necessary to use them in make-up if they do not go not to become visually 10 flyings more senior more. Experiments with make-up are always welcomed, but it is better to refuse some options, without being blindly in the fashion, it is better to give preference to peach, coral, pink or red shades.

Ink and dark eyeliner on the lower eyelashes

By means of make-up it is possible to make look open and more expressive, but in certain cases it is better not to touch lower eyelid as black or too dark eyeliner and ink can visually reduce eyes or change their form not in the best way. If there is a wish to use eye shadow, it is better to try gray or brown colors of eyeliner – these shades look more naturally, and the look with them becomes more attractive.

Dark eyebrows

Recently natural and dense eyebrows have entered fashion. They look beautifully only if not to be overzealous with dark or black pencil. Eyebrows should not look much more dark than hair color, it instantly increases age of girls and women for several years. To correct shape of eyebrows, it is necessary to use brown or gray-brown shadows, putting them with brush, only this way they will look not only beautifully, but also it is the most natural.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team