Why time of the girl look it is old

Why time of the girl look it is old

is not eternal. Its rapidity is defined by number of factors: heredity, way of life, the state of health, spirit and character of the person, ability to look after itself, ecology.

Early aging

It is sometimes difficult to determine the true age of the person. Modern girls have got used to use decorative cosmetics. It, as we know, can even change the person to unrecognizability. Use of foundations, powders, eye shadow affects condition of skin. Pores are clogged up, the due amount of oxygen does not come to cages. Skin loses elasticity, becomes dry and flabby. Everyday, excessive use of cosmetics can promote fast aging, and the young girl will add to the age some more years.

Hereditary factor

The heredity plays important role. If the grandmother and mother look young in the years, gray hair is hardly looked through, then it is possible to envy such excellent genes only. Meet also other cases when the girl looks are much more senior than the age-mates. Excess weight very strongly changes shape of the person and, as a rule, not to the best.

Addictions and beauty

Addictions completely do not pass. Smoking slows down the vital processes in organism, because of it the color of skin, teeth changes, the voice grows coarse. Alcohol intake or drug addiction change appearance: there is puffiness, shadows under the eyes, the organism is exhausted.

Personal care

The wide choice of cosmetics on counters of shops is provided to young girls. All these riches there is a wish to own and put by all means into practice. Not all girls can competently and accurately apply cosmetics. The aspiration to resemble on models from commercials sometimes is wrapped in the fact that fashionistas change the appearance not to the best. Decorative cosmetics is necessary for underlining of advantages and concealment of shortcomings. Therefore for a start it is necessary to analyze the appearance, to reveal defects and to try was able to hide them. Bright arrows on centuries, blush, red lipstick go not all and are not appropriate in everyday life. It is important also to learn to dose amount of the applied cosmetics, otherwise himself can be turned into porcelain doll.

The ability is correct to put on

The clothes in many respects define appearance of the person. Incorrectly picked up dress can make old even the most young beauty. It is not necessary to chase styles. Not always branded things are suitable for specific figure.

Way of life

Modern rate of life forces the person to work hard, to be constantly in stress, somewhere to run, be afraid not to be in time. Such rhythm, sleep debts, malnutrition cannot but affect appearance of the person. The pursuit of material supplies does of the person of the robot who does not live, and exists. Young and perspective specialists are aimed at result, they want everything and at once therefore they do not think of consequences of such way of life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team