Why to girls press

Why to girls press

To look most attractive - quite normal desire of the woman. Important value in this question the good figure has, in particular, flat stomach. That to reach it, it is necessary to work fairly over press.

Why to girls press

There is delusion that power trainings, in particular, study of muscles of press — destiny of men. However it at all not so. The beefy abdominal press will make stomach more tightened and will remove excess fat deposits, also regular trainings of this group of muscles will strengthen blood supply of digestive organs and small pelvis. All this can significantly strengthen female health. Strong elastic muscles of stomach form some kind of corset on reproductive organs of the woman. In the course of pregnancy the trained muscles will strongly not stretch under weight of the growing fruit and, as a result, on skin extensions of which then it will be problematic to get rid will not begin to appear. At natural childbirth the good press will also be useful. Of course, it does not stop pain, but in general will help patrimonial activity. To all other, flat tummy - it is still simply beautiful and very seductive.

To learn whether you have contraindications to trainings of muscles of press, address the gynecologist and ask it to make ultrasonic inspection.

As it is correct to swing press

It is simple to begin trainings at all, the complexity is in to giving up occupation halfway, and to make them regular useful habit. In order that you became the owner of the flat tightened stomach during the occupations it is necessary to follow a number of rules.

It is possible to be engaged as to food, and later. It is not necessary to weary itself hunger. In 1-2 hours prior to occupations itself can suit having a snack safely. It is for this purpose better to use the products rich with protein. If you wish to dump as fast as possible fat stocks in stomach, before power training on press make kardio – get up on the racetrack or just walk fast pace for 15-20 minutes. It is not necessary to carry out physical exercises on press during critical days. During this period the organism of the woman is weakened and also load of muscles of stomach can result in stagnation of blood in small pelvis. Correctly distribute loading during sports activities. Competent distribution of forces is half of success. To be sure that necessary groups of muscles work stop for couple of seconds for exercise dive, and after slowly come back to initial situation. If you feel easy burning - means you carry out exercise correctly.

In order that trainings became regular, analyze the daily routine and you will choose free time which you will be able daily to devote to occupations without prejudice to other affairs.

Do not demand from yourself more, than you can do. It is not necessary to pump over too press and to try to execute the bigger number of exercises or approaches, than to you it is available at this stage. Exercises on press need to be carried out smoothly, without breakthroughs and to monitor at the same time the correct breath. On breath it is necessary to lift the body, and on exhalation - to lower. It is not necessary to hold the breath! Muscles for high-quality work need oxygen inflow. Meanwhile, for achievement of results it is not necessary to swing press every day. Muscles after the training need time for restoration. If you visit gym with enviable regularity, it is not necessary to load stomach muscles at each training. Otherwise you overload them because of what the waist can extend foully in volume due to increase in muscles. Be not afraid to swing press. Pronounced cubes which so confuse many girls at you will not appear. Not only intensive load of press, but also certain medicines on the basis of men's hormone is for this purpose necessary. Believe, simple exercises on hesitation pumping of muscles of stomach will not be able to turn your figure into camp of the bodybuilder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team