Why very dry skin

Why very dry skin

Dry skin best of all proves to be in youth, it does not possess greasy luster, enlarged pores and other unpleasant defects. However, eventually dry skin begins to grow old quickly and gets unpleasant pigmentation.

Dry skin lacks fat film

Insufficiently rough activity of human sebaceous glands leads to increase in dryness. They produce less fat, than it is necessary for receiving protective natural film. Such film is natural cream from sweat, fat and the moisturizing substances, it maintains necessary elasticity of corneal layer. This film does the surface of skin of more resistant to harmful effects from the outside, protects it from drying. Usually the lack of the emitted fat becomes noticeable after twenty years.

Natural skin fat – ideal means for moisture deduction for this reason the lack of this substance at once affects humidity of skin. The corneal layer of cages begins to be shelled, communication of cages weakens, and moisture evaporates. The irritating and hazardous substances begin to get into deep skin layers therefore dry skin so often is very sensitive. Even the most high-quality leaving cannot provoke sluggish glands to produce more fat. These glands react to hormonal changes according to the genetic plan which it is impossible to influence resolutely. However, by means of good leaving, skin can compensate lack of important substances.

If you have dry skin, try to avoid swimming in the chlorinated water and frequent reception of sauna.

Care of dry skin

It is regularly very important to care for dry skin, but not occasionally. However, you should not go to far in amount of the looking after medicines. Dry skin does not love when it is overloaded with ukhodovy means, it can react to new medicines very negatively. It is necessary to pick up the qualitative and balanced program of leaving for every day, it will bring the best results. It is very important to clean every evening skin the soft milk possessing nutritious and the calming effect. The cosmetic milk can be washed away usual warm tap water. If tap water too rigid, is the best of all to moisten after washing face with nonalcoholic toilet water. It will help to remove residues of salts which can dry skin. After the procedure of washing it is necessary to apply the moisturizing night cream with large amount of fats and the moisturizing substances. Under such cream it is possible to impose hydrogels. The same principles are applicable for body care.

For improvement of condition of dry skin it is possible to use means with unsaturated fatty acids. For example, with gamma linolovoy or linolovy acid.

In the mornings it is the best of all to use toilet water to wipe face then it is possible to apply day cream as a part of which there have to be moisturizing substances and useful oils. It is very important that day cream contained light filters which can protect skin from ultra-violet aging.

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