Wrinkle between eyebrows: ways to remove without surgery

Wrinkle between eyebrows: ways to remove without surgery

Surgical intervention and pricks of Botox are capable to save from deep wrinkles on forehead in very short terms. But not everyone welcomes this method. Alternative to it can become regular performance of complex of procedures as a result of which skin of forehead is smoothed and wrinkles vanish.

Wrinkles on forehead can arise for many reasons. Both the age, and improper feeding and also way of life are capable to lead to their emergence. Especially difficult can be to cope with the wrinkle which has turned out between eyebrows. It is necessary to revise the behavior in root and to learn not to involve this site of skin at emotional explosion.

Being going to begin performing procedures on smoothing of skin on forehead, by all means pay attention to daily diet. There by all means it is necessary to include vegetables and fruit, cereals, nuts, dairy products.

Procedures for smoothing of wrinkle between eyebrows

Massage of forehead with use of coconut oil is useful to reduction of depth of wrinkle – its remarkable properties will help to nourish skin that will promote reduction of wrinkles. Slowly rub 2-3 teaspoons of oil to the problem area.

It is possible to replace coconut oil with cream from wrinkles with vitamin E content.

To keep skin young and elastic, use creams with the content of Retinolum, vitamin C, alpha and hydroxylic acids, grape seeds oils. So it will be possible to prevent formation of new wrinkles and not to assume that old appeared anew. There are also such creams which use allows to achieve effect of Botox, without resorting to injections. Drink more liquid. In day it is necessary to drink 8-10 glasses of water – it will help skin to keep elasticity. Smoothing of wrinkle on forehead is very positively influenced by also good dream and healthy nutrition. Try to control mimicry: learn to keep quiet look and not to frown.

Exercises and cosmetology

Some of the most effective ways of disposal of wrinkles can call gymnastics for the person. Regularly carrying out exercises, you will be able to see the first results approximately in week. Cover forehead with palms so that their basis lay on eyebrows. Now try to cramp eyebrows to nose bridge, holding them at the same time with palms. So you strengthen frontal muscle that will help not to allow appearance of deep wrinkle. It is necessary to repeat exercise 15-20 times. Provide that on the center of your forehead there passes the vertical line. Hands arrange so that fingers nestled on forehead on both sides of the imagined line. Begin to carry out fingers the stretching movements from the center of forehead to temples. Repeat 15-20 times. It is useful to add gymnastics with masks. They can be prepared independently from available ingredients. For example, mix in bowl pulp of papaya and pineapple in equal proportions, apply on problem area of the person and take about twenty minutes, wash away the field of what.

The mask from mix of papaya and pineapple has effect of srub, cleans pores and promotes production of collagen.

The mask from lemon juice and milk is useful to removal of deep wrinkle on forehead. In ware pour two tablespoons of milk and add 4 drops of lemon juice. Apply mix on forehead, take 20 minutes and wash away warm water. It is possible to try mask from egg white: crude protein is put on face then it is necessary to wait for its full drying. Wash away protein warm water, blot skin with towel or napkin, without wiping. The procedure should be performed daily within two-three months.

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