American management

American management

The main lines of the American management were created at a turn of 19-20 centuries when there was a division of performing and administrative work during creation of large hierarchical structures. During the same period the main functions of the manager as managing director of shots were designated, the gravity of a role of such expert and his need for staff of each organization became clear.

Founders of the theory of management in the USA

The huge contribution to development of management as independent science was brought by the American researcher and the engineer Frederik Winslow Taylor, the basic principles of implementation of his theory are as follows:

  • accurate accounting of working hours is necessary, respectively, it is necessary to solve a problem of rationing of work of personnel;
  • each enterprise needs professionals for scheduling, drawing up schedules, the organization of repair of the equipment, warning conflicts in the relations between pesronaly;
  • introduction of the differentiated system of compensation (progressive scheme) that in many respects defines the American style of management;
  • introduction of checklists;
  • calculation of production expenses.

One more famous representative of the American management – the known car maker Henry Ford. From its achievements which influenced all modern American management and production in general it is possible to call the invention of the conveyor. On its model of management, the person at any enterprise ranked second, and the predominating function was given to the technological sphere. The known principles of the theory of Ford – the continuity of productions, mass character of products, the maximum speed of production, accuracy as quality of products.

The main lines of modern management in the USA

One of the main features of the American management and managers – business activity, that is high enterprise and ability to process case. The main principles when choosing personnel in this regard – persistence, commitment, ability to bring the begun matter to the logical end. One more important line inherent in all representatives of modern American management – aspiration to income. A logical question which the American raises before any business: And whether any income promises me this enterprise?

One more of manifestations of the American efficiency which became characteristic of management – ability is competent to make numerical estimates, that is to count everything. If it is necessary to create the new enterprise or to improve indicators existing, each manager has to estimate all pluses and minuses, with an accuracy to determine the extent of benefit and expenses. Among managers there is even such expression: You are not able to consider, so you are not able to operate.

Also refer unity of a word and business at all his representatives to national peculiarities of the American management. As soon as the western manager undertakes any obligation, it will break in flat cake, only to keep a promise and to achieve the objective. The contract and the signed obligations for the American managers are really sacred.

Unconditional achievement of modern American management is the ability to find right organizational structure for any enterprise. The worker in the company is put in such conditions which force it to do what is necessary for achievement of a common goal and not that he wants. One more feature of the American management in respect of organizational abilities of managers – ability to coordinate the purposes and quantity of resources which is available at the disposal of the enterprise. And the main sign of nonprofessionalism in this regard – inability to estimate the required volume of personnel, temporary, material and financial resources.

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