Business etiquette – the main functions, the principles, rules and norms of business etiquette

Business etiquette – the main functions, the principles, rules and norms of business etiquette

In professional activity the business etiquette which is important for maintenance of image, creation of business relations and advance on a career ladder is of great importance. There are certain principles and rules of conduct important for understanding and study.

Concept of business etiquette

The developed order of behavior and communication in the sphere of business and at establishment of business contacts is called business etiquette. The person who wants to construct good career has to know rules of decency, be able to behave in collective and in any situation to deserve respect and to offend nobody. The modern business etiquette helps to avoid misses and to smooth conflict situations by means of available ways.

It is possible to allocate two main functions of business etiquette, so the first is formation of the certain rules of conduct promoting interaction of people during communication. Refer convenience, that is rationality and practicality in interaction to the second function, that is to apply etiquette not because it is necessary, and it is correct from respect.

History of development of business etiquette

For the first time speaks about rules of ethical behavior of steel during craft division of labor, and it approximately in the 11-12th centuries the certain moral requirements concerning a profession, the nature of work and so forth Were described. Rules of business etiquette were formed on the basis of daily experience and need to regulate relationship between people of different professions. The great influence on formation and distribution of professional ethics had at that time public opinion.

Etiquette and image of the businessman

These two concepts have a direct connection with each other. The image is based on an image of the businessman/organization in which mark out valuable characteristics and lines. The business etiquette in professional activity means that the person has to fit into the contingent of workers harmoniously. It is important to dress tastefully, it is correct to select color scale and accessories. The image is one of the factors affecting business success. It has such properties:

  1. It is capable to influence creation, emotions and activity of people.
  2. Is plastic, quickly reacting to different conditions of economy, psychology and social factors.
  3. Can be transformed and change taking into account changes in the person.

Principles of business etiquette

Experts allocate a number of the basic principles of business etiquette:

  1. Punctuality. The behavior of the person who does everything in time is considered standard. Experts consider that it is necessary to carry out at distribution of working hours 25% to the term allotted on performance of a certain task.
  2. Describing the basic principles of business etiquette, it is impossible to miss from attention this point as good workers have to be able to keep secrets of the enterprise and interaction of colleagues and heads.
  3. Attention to people around. People have to respect opinion of other people, consider councils and criticism, and from colleagues and heads. It is important to appreciate experience of people around.
  4. Literacy. The business etiquette is based on ability to correctly state own thoughts and to make official letters without mistakes.

Etiquette of business communication

Rules of communication in a business community are of great importance for negotiating, creation of communications and so on. In the majority a case the protocol of the first seconds which includes a greeting, representation, the address and handshake is used. The etiquette of the businessman does not allow familiarity, so, it is necessary to address or on a name middle name or only by name. There is a number of rules of business communication:

  1. If in a conversation it is told about the third person, then it is necessary to mention it on a name middle name, but not he / she.
  2. It is important to exclude any emotions, that is only cold calculation. Control the loudness of the speech as people have to hear everything accurately.
  3. In business etiquette it is forbidden to interrupt the interlocutor as it is important to allow it to express the thought completely.

Etiquette of business correspondence

It is impossible to present office work without correspondence therefore it is important to know the basic rules of its maintaining. There are many examples when the mistakes made on time of creation of the letter became the reason of serious consequences. The etiquette of the business letter is based on such postulates:

  1. The accurate and clear subject has to be surely written. It is important that the recipient understood that contents of the letter are relevant for it.
  2. In correspondence it is better to use the professional postal address in which the name of the person corresponding has to be registered. On business etiquette of any diminutive words, nicknames and to that similar in the address should not be as it is unpresentable.
  3. Get a signature, having entered, for example, the full name, a position, a company name and a contact information. The main thing, be not fond.

Etiquette of business phone call

Phone conversations occupy an important part of office work. The ability to conduct similar conversations can be referred to certain talents as not all can win over the person and influence his decision when he is at distance, and there is no visual contact. Norms of business etiquette include such features of carrying out phone calls:

  1. It is necessary to begin with representation which has to be formed in such form: welcoming speeches, name of the company, position and surname. Only after that it is possible to pass to the call purpose.
  2. It is better to plan an essence of a conversation previously accurately. For this purpose it is possible to use the text or schematical plan of a conversation. On the course of a conversation it is possible to note the spoken subjects.
  3. The business etiquette means that phone calls will not be made early in the morning, in a lunch break and in the evening.
  4. It is impossible to tighten a conversation and it has to average no more than three minutes. If it is impossible to invest at this time, then perhaps the plan of a conversation was made incorrectly.

Etiquette of business negotiations

When conducting business negotiations the choice of a certain strategy which assumes a certain presentation to certain information is carried out. If the person conducts negotiations, then he has to be down on to all subject of a meeting to have an opportunity to give the answer to any question. Fundamentals of business etiquette and negotiations often include the additional meetings which are implemented at a stage of adoption of the final decision. Rules of conduct are based on composure, the weighed perception of information and lack of any emotions.

Gifts in business etiquette

There are certain postulates concerning the choice and delivery of gifts thanks to which it is possible to strengthen business relations. Gifts can be handed on anniversaries of employees and the chief, for significant dates for the company, for the standard holidays, in case of holding business meetings and as courtesies or encouragement. Features of business etiquette include such facts:

  1. In many countries expensive gifts are perceived as a bribe therefore you should not buy expensive things.
  2. It is necessary to hand a gift without long backgrounds, but here you should not refuse short wishes.
  3. If you receive a gift, then it needs to be developed at once, but not to postpone in a box. It is important not to forget to express gratitude.
  4. During delivery of a gift it is impossible to be shown familiarity as everything has to be most correct and sincere.

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