Energy of money

Energy of money

All want money and the more the better. And what you know about them actually? That it is small pieces of paper and coins for which it is possible to live?! And all? Who seriously thought why at some money there is a lot of at others a little why one money is on a silver platter, and others stick and all the same is not enough.

There is cash, they have energy and are capable of a lot of things. Energy of money one of three strongest on the earth (except energy of policy and religion). And this energy operates their distribution between all on the planet and at the same time the currency has no value. Energy of money is so big and strong that there are even rich and poor countries.

Energy of money in esoterics

In esoterics very great attention as there is a strong belief that money can be attracted by means of energy is paid to this concept. Energy of money is fed with thoughts of the person and, of course, matters positive these are thoughts or negative. Thickness of our purses directly depends on them. If to trust this science, then even children's blocks and installations affect our welfare and today. If parents repeated that money is the evil and not in them happiness, then it is possible to track that in adulthood such person does not achieve special success.

And as money is an energy, its basic law – the movement. We want it or not, energy somewhere moves all the time, flows, so and money too. Money likes to be in work. Rich people are an example – they have always a mass of the ideas, projects, they constantly think out something new.

How to attract energy of money in the life?

Good news! It is proved that the person is capable of a lot of things, even to change the destiny (if only itself wants), also the financial position means too. As to attract energy of money in the life? For a start, it is necessary to track what thoughts and emotions are experienced by the person at the sight of money, expensive things, other rich people, it is important. It is necessary to develop the correct philosophy in relation to money. To purposely experience only positive emotions.

Having adjusted on positive thinking, be loaded with energy of money by means of simple esoteric exercises (it is possible to do a ritual on fund raising, increase in energy of money in the house). To money there has to be a respect. It is not necessary to clamp them and you should not throw away them extensively, otherwise they will disappear. Money has to be always accurately put, be stored in a good purse or a beautiful box (if money are saved up for any purchase).

If anything special in life does not happen to money (they do not disappear, but also do not increase), perhaps, there was a stagnation of energy. Wake energy of money, create their movement. Think of donations - rich people very seriously follow the rule of tithe. Think over investments, for a start even small, or begin to collect on interesting big purchase. Get a moneybox with coins – their ring raises power streams.

The person can have so much money, is able to capture his consciousness so much. It means that if at the person no, so he does not know one million yet actually as to dispose of it. Attraction of energy of money is possible also by means of trainings on personal development, financial literacy. These trainings are capable to expand consciousness of the person on acceptance of large sums of money in the life and the quiet order with them. As the proof the example how the people who won the large sum of money lost them within several months will serve. Just their consciousness was not ready to accept such big money, there was a block of energy of money and they went to other place.

Money loves the account. Be defined how many money is necessary for happiness and dare them to have. Untwist energy of money by means of positive thoughts and enjoy financial freedom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team