Essence of money

Essence of money

Money — a thing paradoxical. They can have or not have a physical cover. Yours can be filled the pockets with a trifle, and all of you will equally tell I have no money. The deep metaphysical essence of money is capable to change reality and to influence such representations as sexual attractiveness of an object.

What do we know about the nature and essence of money? The fact that they arose several thousands years ago (when precisely — it is unknown) and represented valuable goods for which it was possible to exchange any products. But this knowledge of economic essence of money — only iceberg top. A question that there is money and what their true essence, many centuries in a row occupies scientists, philosophers and esotericists. Still there is no answer to a question: who thought up money and why they so strongly entered human life. Why they mean to everyone very much, sometimes it is even more, than others or life.

Modern idea of essence of money is as follows: researchers allocate 2 forms of finance:

  • economic;
  • intrinsic.

Economic idea of finance consists in understanding of essence of money as universal equivalent. This universal remedy for which it is possible to exchange any goods and services. The essence of money as economic category is only function which promotes goods turnover in the world and to implementation of different types of the public relations.

Harder and harder with an intrinsic form of money. Here philosophers, scientists and esoterics disperse in a question of essence of the concept money, but a common ground nevertheless is available. So, for example, the people studying a question of money and their entities from the different parties (metaphysical, theoretical and practical) agree in opinion that finance is a stream of energy. In confirmation of this thesis the researchers give such example: when you are given in hands (or transfer to the account) the considerable sum of money, the mood and vitality increase at once. Women are the most powerful consumers of this energy. It is no secret that the rich man always looks in the opinion of the woman more attractive, than poor even if both have rather typical appearance. Subconscious thirst of women for rich men, researchers claim that other as eternal aspiration to a power source, or to money.

If the true essence is that it is an energy stream, then evolution of money is not of particular importance. For all history of mankind the finance passed a long way and not one and not two times changed a form. Coins, notes, credit cards, a set of figures which pass from the account to the account... Essence and the nature of modern money the same that was and 1000 and 2000 years ago, and even earlier. The essence of paper money is the same as essence of credit and electronic money. A different cover, and the nature — one. In childish sports can serve as money anything — pebbles, leaves, branches, etc. But even in playful way the intensity of emotions because of possession of a treasured leaf or branch can reach serious heat. It once again confirms that thought that the physical shape of money has extremely small value.

And if money is an energy whether then it is possible to operate it?

As is well-known from a school course of physics, everything that is in our reality — energy. Balls of fire are we and objects which surround us. A thought — the most powerful control facility energy, it is the cornerstone of all phenomena which happen to us. Thinking of a certain moment of life in a positive key, we attract it to ourselves. In other words, representing itself in the near future rich and happy, you program the reality thus. Representing itself poor and unfortunate, you form the future in this direction. The thought put since the childhood that money is the evil pushes away finance from the person at the power level. The thought that money is the benefit attracts finance.

Other question is that not all are able to operate rather well energy, and the essence of money is an energy very powerful. And at its congestion the person can change suddenly sharply for the worse, it can have physical and psychological illnesses, be upset the relations with people around including close people. And all these changes as notice people around, happened to arrival of a large number of money. And all because the person behaved carelessly with the increasing energy which made such changes. The essence of modern money the same that was also at the beginning of centuries and to be rich is the science too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team