How it is correct to do business?

How it is correct to do business?

According to many people, own business is a way to work less and to have a rest more. On the practician of people who adheres to similar views, can quickly be disappointed in business, having faced failures, losses and work without days off. "But whether not to return to me for former stable work?" - such thoughts will surely visit his head. However already next day he can read article about Tinkov, Kiyosaki or other millionaire who led the business to financial heights and it is impossible to think of why at them everything left, and it. So can be, it is simple eat some rules of conducting successful business?

Nobody will give any universal recipe. Business is always risk. Therefore you can get advice on business, and what of them to apply, will depend on your purposes and specifics of the enterprise.

What does business begin with?

It begins with that moment when you precisely represent what you want to make as to make it and to whom to sell. It begins when you receive money. Many are stopped by "complexity of opening of firm", registration, legal issues, accounting. If it is valid the fact that for you business not for you is the most difficult and risky, then. Actually issues of the organization are resolved in minutes, simple phone call according to the announcement in the newspaper. Nothing simpler and can be. But the basic principles of business say that to register the organization earlier, than the business chain is tested and counted, it is big risk.

As it is in that case correct to do business?

You have a good idea, but it is not enough. Full-time employment over it, development, adaptation to market conditions, search of new clients - here that belongs to the correct ways of business. You watch news in your sphere, plan and count options which will allow you to expand business. Do not become isolated on the way of sale which is successfully found once. You aspire that your business did not depend on these conditions and always had the choice.

Conducting small or house business has the features. Advantages of business of a similar type are that it does not demand big investments. But it needs constant attention. How to do small business forward? Develop it to the big highly profitable project. Then you will be able to work less.

If you see a ceiling or hopelessness of the idea, notice more profitable niches, - go to them. Business is not devotion of some activity, it, first of all, generation of profit. It does not contradict rules of business. The good businessman – that which gets more profits.

Such delusion is very widespread: "If you want to receive much, it is necessary to work more". All in accuracy on the contrary: the more you work, the it is less at you than opportunities to gain high income. If you consider that to execute everything is an economy, then you are mistaken. To get more profits, you will need to increase operating time or to increase its intensity. But our working day is limited for 24 hours a day. How to do such business to success? In any way. It is usual work, and you the hired worker. The real business works in a different way. Profit invests in what will allow to gain more income, without increasing your working hours. Purchase of the new equipment, hiring of workers, sale of a franchize - here instruments of development of the enterprise.

Business does not stand still, it either extends, or regains the best form for future growth. The risk, but not stability is peculiar to business. But the risk weighed and which is thought over. The correct business is, first of all, an orientation to receiving bigger profit. If the purpose another, then is not business.

The rule of hiring of workers, especially it concerns lawyers, marketing specialists, heads, sounds so: "Your team has to be the best!". The team of champions cannot lose therefore be guided by it. Competent experts do not need to explain rules of business, they will help your enterprise to avoid unnecessary risks and to profit at most.

And the last council sounds so: "Ideal business is a favorable investment". In other words, your money works, and you have a rest. But such investments demand from the investor of the big capitals and extremely clear idea of the transaction which only the group of experts can give.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team