How it is correct to write the summary?

How it is correct to write the summary?

What it is possible to write to the summary and for what this document in general is formed? Experts note that competently made summary, is a key tool in job search, especially in our century of information technology development. If you are not able to convey in a suitable look information on yourself to a permission of the potential employer, then miss every chance to get a job of the dream. In modern recommendations "As it is correct to write the good summary", there are three important points to which it is necessary to draw the closest attention.

Councils for writing of the summary

So, we will begin one after another. Remember, you have one chance to hit the nail the summary is that moment when it is read for the first time. The potential employer, most often, spends for viewing the summary no more than 3 minutes. Respectively, if at this time you did not "hook" on it, so the chance is missed.

The second moment which will help to understand how competently to write the good summary consists in the following: specify in the document those milestones of the course of life and successful events in career which will be significant for the place where you apply. For example, if you were engaged ten years in teaching activity and in parallel participated in network marketing, and at the same time apply for a commercial position, during this period it is possible and to hold back the main work. But you will have no question what qualities to write to the summary, – you with pride will be able to show the high organizing abilities.

And the last, well made document can become a reason for the invitation you on an interview, but does not guarantee receiving a desirable position yet. And so, your main objective – that the person who read the list of your achievements wanted to meet personally.

As it is correct to write the summary - we make main units of data

As a rule, in the professional summary it is necessary to write the following:

  • yours a surname, a name, a middle name, all contact phone numbers – city house, working and mobile;
  • main goal of receiving any given position – here no more than 6 lines of information;
  • the main part – work, and everything is specified in the return chronological order. Here it is necessary to specify the beginning and the end of every period of work, posts and working duties and also achievements on each place. Try to use more "resolute" verbs at the description – increased, saved, reduced and so forth;
  • education, at the same time, the more time took place from the moment of release, the this point has to take less places in all structure of the document. If there were awards during training, it is necessary to specify them, it is also possible to describe disciplines which will have something in common with that position for which you apply.
  • what skills to write in the section of the summary "additional information"? State whether you know foreign languages, and the computer equipment and in what degree, whether you have rights on driving of the car (what category). In case you have a long-term hobby having somehow something in common with future work it is possible to specify also it.

About what should not you write to the summary?

You should not describe in detail all your progress and failures in work. Will be to specify 3-4 places of work quite enough for the last 10 years. Do not write why you left work, it is optional to place the photo and to specify the physical data. And do not describe the requirement to the salary at all!

When sending the summary once again think what can be written to interest the employer at once. If there is an opportunity, let's check your data to more skilled friend or the colleague, and dare!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team