How it is rational to spend money?

How it is rational to spend money?

Sometimes it is possible to hear both from women, and from men that For everything there is not enough money. Having looked at their situation objectively, from outside it is possible to see that that money is, just someone is not able to spend rationally them and the main issue which such people have to put before themselves – How to learn it?

The most important rival who causes to your finance notable damage is emotions. Giving the most part of the time to work when in global scales in your life nothing changes, acquisition something new becomes a source of positive emotions.

Principles of a rational expense of money

  1. Buy necessary products not in the heat of its sale. It will allow to save the considerable sum of money. So, for example, winter boots can be bought three times cheaper in the spring, than they cost during a winter season.
  2. Making wholesale purchases, you carry out considerable economy of the finance. Many financially secure persons quite so arrive. Main reason for that: they I know the price to money.
  3. Remind yourself a phrase more often I am not so rich to buy cheap things. Having saved on on what you should not have done it, you doom yourself to excess expenditure. Later few months, for example, low-quality footwear will tear, and you will be forced to be spent again.
  4. Do not make purchase, being under the influence of unnecessary habits or emotions. In such cases the money earned with back-breaking toil leaves on useless goods.
  5. Donald Trump, having come into expensive shop, is not ashamed to demand a discount. Sometimes the goods do not cost the money. A conclusion is obvious: bargain and know when to stop.

Rational planning of expenses of family

For the man as for the head of the family, the skill of the correct planning of family expenses is important therefore:

  1. Count all purchases, the paid bills, money given to someone on credit, visits of cafe, cinema. On the expiration of time, with the advent of experience, you will manage to realize automatically what it is worth being spent for, and on that – no.
  2. Wisely to plan family expenses, make the list of all what it is necessary to spend as it should be for from more to less important. So, having classified everything, the remained sum can be transferred to a operational envelope from which it will be possible to take notes in case for earlier made list there are not enough means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team