How to achieve salary increase?

How to achieve salary increase?

Many people are sure that the chief underestimates them, salary small and in general they are worthy increases. But for a start we will begin with small and we learn how to achieve salary increase. If you really valuable employee, then even the most greedy employer makes concessions.

How it is correct to ask salary increase?

Many people very much are afraid to ask not that something for the chief, and just to come to him into an office. But it not the decision as many employers do not even think that their employees need to raise salary, it is not interesting to them. Therefore instead of days without a break to think of how to ask salary increase, it is necessary to begin to work.

Keep calm

If you come into an office and will begin emotional dismantling with the chief, understand, the result will not be. It is also necessary to choose successful time for your request. It is the best of all to begin a conversation about salary increase when at the company everything is good.

Increase reason

To raise to you salary the chief has to hear the objective reason. If tell that it is necessary for family because you were not 5 years on vacation, it will not be an argument. Provide to the director data on the salary of staff of other company who hold similar positions. Only do not compare him to other head, otherwise he can offer you not salary increase, and to replace the place of work. You need to know exact figure which you go to receive as additive as it is wrong to ask air.

Tell about the merits

sometimes not know about all your merits which really helped the company, then it is a high time to tell it to him about it, for example, thanks to you the company saved money or found the good supplier, etc. A phrase – I work most and so forth, it is better not to use.

Ask how to earn more?

You can take an interest that it is necessary to make that salary became more. Thus, after performance of a task you will already be able to ask with more confidence increase. Only work quickly, otherwise the task can become irrelevant.

You are afraid to tell - write

If you are afraid to come into an office of the chief and to talk, then write the application for salary increase. Only in it it is necessary to state all detailed information about which we spoke earlier.

Hint about leaving

It is the most extreme way as it is necessary to use it extremely accurately. Only for a start learn whether there is a place where you will be able really to leave. This way will help only if you really valuable employee for the company, and it is rather difficult to find replacement.

You do not receive salary increase if:

  1. Appealed to improper time.
  2. Distinctly and accurately could not explain need of increase.
  3. Overpraised themselves, and the chief decided that such good employee has to work in the best firm.
  4. Were not sure of themselves and told everything compassionate tone as if elicited.
  5. Began to compare during the conversation themselves to other employees and to discuss their salary.
  6. Blackmailed the chief and threatened with dismissal.
  7. Did not ask, and demanded pay rise.

Decision of the chief

If refused to you, but you should not despair and leave, now it is necessary to prove that the chief underestimated your abilities. And if you really work without cease, fulfill all duties and the requirements, but do not receive long-awaited salary increase and a praise, it can is really necessary to change a job and to find the employer who will appreciate you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team