How to become the psychologist?

How to become the psychologist?

To become the same great psychologist as Freud, Jung or Frankl, it is fated only to those who also do not think of day without solutions of mysteries of a human soul. Besides, the psychologist is not only a profession, this internal state of the personality, this desire to learn, study and help.

What needs to be known to become the psychologist?

First of all, It should be noted that today there is a considerable quantity of the directions of psychological consultation. In what you will work, depends only on your preferences.

  1. Classical psychoanalysis. All know that his founder is Siegmund Freud. According to its exercises, in the center of classical psychoanalysis the conflict, it is the cause of any violations in mentality and behavior of the person. And the main task of the psychologist is in helping the client to realize this conflict situation. Will not be superfluous to remind that Freud in structure of the personality allocated three of her components: I (Ego), Over I (the Super Ego) and It (Ides).
  2. Logoterapiya. In other words it is possible to call this direction of psychology search of meaning of life. Its founder – Victor Frankl, the person who knows that to pass it through hell of concentration camps to survive and find internal freedom. Frankl considers that in human life of difficulty arise then when he does not see sense even in ordinary day. The psychologist helps the client to find the lost sense. Especially it is effective in work with those whose mentality is injured by the death of relatives, military events.
  3. Transaktny analysis. Eric Burn whose feather possesses work Games which people play created the concept which roots should be looked for in psychoanalysis. He considered that in each of us there are three Ya-states: Parent, Child and Adult. Work of the psychologist has to be directed to fixing constant adult behavior in the personality.
  4. Geshtaltterapiya. Today this psychological approach based by Perlz enjoys unprecedented popularity. Thanks to this direction of people accepts itself it what it is actually. He learns himself better, becomes such what wanted to be earlier. The psychologist helps the client to make active his hidden reserves which will be directed further to personal growth.
  5. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP). In the seventies last century practical psychologists Grinder, Bendler and Cameron-Bendler decided to investigate structure of success. They asked a question: How ingenious persons think?. The NLPist helps people to become successful, to adjust communication with the world around and besides for a short period to overcome the psychological problems.

What objects need to be known to become the psychologist?

In HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION which gives classical psychological base future psychologists study a set of objects which will help further them with their professional growth. Among them will not be superfluous to note such as:

  • age psychology, social psychology, psychology of media;
  • pedagogics (especially this discipline is important for those who wish to teach psychology in educational institutions);
  • differential psychology, conflictology, psychology of management of human resources, etc.

How to become not the just professional, but successful psychologist?

It is important to declare itself, create considerable base of grateful clients. It is useful to provide trainings, seminars. Besides not all can attend of you appointment in an office, and therefore it should be taken into account option of consultation on Skype. Besides as the highly qualified specialist it is possible to declare himself, having created publics on social networks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team