How to become the racer?

How to become the racer?

All boys in the childhood love machines, for many this love turns into passion which accompanies the man throughout all his life. Many teenagers have a dream to become the racer, but as to make it how to turn it into reality. The man who has such purpose has to be strong, persistent, purposeful, efficient these qualities will give him a chance to reach the desirable. What else is necessary to become the racer – money and this sport which demands very big expenses. At the beginning of the career it is possible to count only on own savings or to the aid relatives. And when you already reach the minimum heights and show the talents and opportunities, get a chance to find the sponsor. In such option you will not need to think, where to take new the car, on what means to repair it and also who will pay clothes and so forth. Each famous racer has the sponsor and this is not the specific person, but the whole companies and corporations.

How to become the rally racer?

For a start you need to begin with karting and lessons of extreme driving to have an opportunity to cope with different turns, to heights and holes. If to participate in amateur sport, then it is enough to have the car, to submit the application for participation and forward. And if you decided to get on professional rallies, then there are much more troubles. The car for competitions has to answer all to rules and also you need to join special sports club, to create the record book, to make an insurance. Besides it is necessary to have 1 category to participate in the real championships.

How to become the racer of Formula 1?

Here, generally, rules same, as well as for racers of a rally, it is only necessary to have the license, well and without sponsor here you precisely have nothing to do. There are special schools at which train true professionals so you can, safely there register. Surely you take tests which repeat conditions of the real races, only it should not be one successful test, them has to be much.

To understand how to become the professional racer it is necessary to know a difference between management to the sports and racing car. On races trajectory width very small and if to go astray, then to return to a normal rhythm of a race very hard. All racing cars are very sensitive to any minimum movement. If to take this advice, then it is possible to start successfully a career professionally of the racer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team