How to become the rich person?

How to become the rich person?

So far some puzzle over how to become the rich person, others try to open the business, look for various sources of additional earnings and do not miss uniform chance. How do you think, people from what category try to obtain success quicker? Certainly – from the second! The main secret of how to become the poor person rich, is very simple – it is necessary to be persistent and to work constantly.

How did rich people become the rich?

Let's consider absolutely a hopeless case: the former military, the 65-year-old pensioner from the USA Sanders had on hand only the old car and a recipe for chicken. His idea was simple: he wanted to sell the recipe to the owner of some restaurant so that for each sold dish it got small percent.

However at each restaurant there is the cook who knows dozens of recipes! The man visited restaurant behind restaurant, but everywhere refused to it. When public catering institutions in its city ended, he went on the old machine to the neighboring city in spite of the fact that he was refused behind refusal.

On its place many would refuse after this idea when they heard the tenth no. He did not refuse both on the 100-th, and on thousand. Only since 1009 attempts it managed to agree and sell the recipe on profitable terms. For the next year it attached 5 more restaurants, and then they began to propagate in a geometrical progression.

By the way, you for certain tasted chicken according to its recipe – now she can be got in any of 600 branches of KFC network. Its founder, Sanders, having even become the millionaire, continued to develop the business.

What helped it on its hard way? Persistence, persistence, boundless self-confidence – and the main thing, the barred way to retreat!

How to become very rich person?

Let's consider what distinguishes the successful and rich person from that which all life only dreams of wealth and has no chances to get out of a financial hole.

  1. The successful person acts! He in a lexicon has no phrase all the same nothing will turn out. If he doubts, he by all means tries, and tries to obtain success as if not the first, then tenth attempt results in success obviously quicker, than their absence in general.
  2. Before becoming the rich forever, the person inevitably some time is in search of the niche – and it is a way of tests and mistakes on which it is necessary to rise fearlessly. If you do not risk – you do not win!
  3. The successful person is able to set the purposes which strongly would motivate him, and never refuses them.
  4. Rich people study stories of other rich people to adopt their experience. Today there are enough books which are written by millionaires and which will inevitably bring closer you to achievement of the goal. Do not forget about how to become spiritually rich person – in it to you and the inspiration got from books by great authors will help.
  5. One more secret – in full use of own resources. Think what your line favourably distinguishes you from the others? For certain this your property can help you to choose the niche and quicker to achieve in it progress.
  6. Acknowledge the responsibility for everything that occurs in your life. You are an author of all situations, and not on the cards, time and circumstances. Only after the fact that you will be responsible for what happens to you you will find the power over own time and life.

Certainly, it is necessary to consider all forthcoming steps, but it is important not to get stuck at this stage. As soon as your idea is issued in a full-fledged thought – at once try to realize it, only practice really discloses all nuances of any given business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team