How to correct credit history?

How to correct credit history?

The spoiled credit history or as it is accepted to speak bad is result of delay of payment on the taken credit or in general refusal on it to pay. As a result the borrower any more will never be given opportunities to use similar service of bank. It is possible to correct credit history and to redeem the honor if the nobility, properly to arrive in this case.

How it is possible to correct bad credit history?

For this purpose you need to get several credit cards and a purse of Qiwi. The main thing that these credit cards belonged to those banks which use scoring of one bureau of credit histories. For this purpose it is necessary to visit the homepage of National Bureau of Credit Histories and to choose suitable banks. It will help to accelerate process of correction of the spoiled credit history and as, it will be told below. The paramount value will have that newly created positive history will be put in one report, but not into several, received from different bureaus.

Having issued two-three of credit cards online, we pass to registration of the QIWI Wallet. You need to specify number of the cell phone and when registration is complete, it will be necessary to link cards to the Kiwi account, being guided by the clear interface of a resource. For those who else doubt whether it is possible to correct bad credit history, we will answer - it is possible. Let's use for this purpose the interest-free period, represented by banks for their cards. For this purpose money on one card it is necessary to repay the loan for another. The main thing – to specify in the column repayment of the credit that payment will be carried out by the card.

Having specified the amount of transfer, for example, 50000 at. e to press to pay, bearing in mind the commission which will make about 375 c.u. Many are interested whether it is possible to correct credit history in this situation, the borrower did not hold cash in hand, did not spend for anything them, and the credit is obtained took. But at this moment this story also improves, you repaid the loan other card, having paid only percent of Qiwi for the translation. Your task within 14 days to fill up the Kiwi purse on 900 at. e or at once to put this sum on the card which is filled up on 50000 c.u. At this time the bank will already notify bureau of credit histories that you used service of bank and took the credit for the sum of 50375 at. e with the indication of the next minimum payment.

Your task is to visit in 2 weeks the website of the Kiwi and to return this money to bank back, having thrown them from one card on another. As a result according to data of NBKI you will have a loan closed within 14 days according to one card and lack of the credit for another. To understand, to properly correct bad credit history, it will be necessary to repeat all this process upside-down and in a month to obtain the closed credits on 50000 at. e in two banks that will favourably look in the credit report. Expenses will equal only the commissions of the Kiwi.

Other way

It is in taking and returning microscopic loans in microfinance institutions – IFI. According to the adopted federal law they are also obliged to transfer the information about the borrower at least to one credit bureau. And if you to make out microloans and in time to liquidate on them debts, your credit history will improve slowly. It is good if in the chosen organization there is an interest-free period and if is not present, then it is necessary to spend a few the blood. Besides such loan can also be issued online, having received money for a virtual wallet and having returned them with its help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team