How to earn money to the school student?

How to earn money to the school student?

Without money you will not live in modern society. Practically each person begins to understand this truth already from a school bench. Many teenagers lack that money which are given them by parents on pocket expenses, and they begin to look for income sources independently. Beginning to work in school days, the person gets invaluable advantages before the unemployed peers. Work, besides money, gives to the school student the first experience, skills interesting to communication and an opportunity it is good to settle in further work.

Today many employers offer jobs for people, since 13-14 years. Therefore if the school student has a desire to work, he will be able to find without effort to himself a possibility of earnings. Of course, the majority of vacancies for teenagers are low paid. But, considering that at this age the person, as a rule, has no experience and an opportunity to work in the morning, there is no sense to look for a highly paid vacancy – them is practically not present.

So, where and how to earn money to the school student?

  1. Billposter of announcements. This work can seem simple only at first sight. The billposter of announcements needs to work well to earn the promised money. First, this type of activity means performance of a certain volume of work. The school student needs to stick rather large number of announcements. Secondly, in operating time, the teenager will need to carry with himself a pile of announcements, container with glue and a brush. Thirdly, it will be necessary to work at the street, practically in any weather. Payment at the billposter most often depends on a format of announcements. Big posters can be paid by the piece – on average, from 0.2 to 1 dollars apiece.
  2. Messenger of newspapers and assistant to the mail carrier. Advantage of this profession is that it will only a couple of days be necessary to work in a week. Most often on the weekend. As well as at the billposter, the messenger of newspapers will need to carry heavy sheaves with the press. Employment in day makes about 4-5 hours. The messenger of newspapers receives the list of the addresses, and works until all mail is delivered to the addressees. Messengers and assistants to the mail carrier are made out in most cases officially. In it there is an advantage – since school years, the teenager has a seniority. The main shortcoming – a low wage.
  3. This vacancy is the most popular among school students and students. The main function of the promoter is an advertizing and increase in sales of certain goods or service. Work is much more interesting, than the previous two vacancies. Promoters can work in supermarket, at the street, in shopping center and other crowded places. Employment averages 4-6 hours a day. In a profession of the promoter it is important to know well the promo-text and to smile. The salary of the promoter is much higher, than at the billposter of announcements and the messenger of newspapers. Depending on complexity of an advertizing campaign, the promoter can earn from 2 to 10 dollars an hour.

How to earn money to the school student on the Internet?

As practically at each school student is at home the computer and Internet access and many of them look for a possibility of earnings, without leaving the house. Without certain knowledge and skills it will not be possible to earn big money from open spaces of worldwide network. But can quite be enough for pocket expenses.

  1. Click-through or surfing. The essence of this work consists in click-through, visit of various websites and reading mail.
  2. Those who often and talks to forums much can place any advertizing or the reference instead of the signature. In this case earnings of the school student depend on that how many people followed the link.
  3. Creation of the websites. For this work the school student needs to have a certain knowledge base. Nevertheless, being engaged in creation of the websites it is possible to earn not bad.

Knowing where and how to earn money to the school student, each teenager can begin the way to material independence. And, above all in this case is to overcome own laziness and fear and to go surely towards the planned aim.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team