How to get a job without experience?

How to get a job without experience?

After the termination of the university the young people face a problem of search of good work. Many employers, especially large companies, reluctantly take to themselves the person without experience. People who want to replace a type of activity also face a similar problem. HR specialists assure that even with the empty service record it is possible to find the good and perspective place of work.

How to get a job without experience?

You should not count that right after the termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION it will be possible to settle to a good position. To construct career, it is worth beginning with small, for example, from a position of the trainee or the assistant. It can be a fine step for advance in specialty. The important recommendation as it is correct to get a job without experience – to make the expanded summary. Even if there was no opportunity to work, then it is necessary to specify information where there took place the externship. It is worth attaching letters of recommendation to the summary. Still specify courses, seminars and other activity which tells about the existing knowledge and abilities.

It is necessary to go on an interview with good mood and with full confidence in the forces. It is necessary to answer questions surely, without forgetting to emphasize advantages. It is important to show interest and to ask about activity of the firm. It is necessary to tell also about a question which concerns salary. See the offered sums to similar positions as the given transcendental numbers can give up as a bad job a possibility of receiving work.

Where to settle without experience?

There are several professions which do not demand experience and if desired it is possible to find a suitable vacancy. The similar directions are especially popular among youth.

Whom it is possible to settle without experience:

  1. Taxi driver. Many firms take people with a personal car, but some large companies provide to the worker the car. The main thing to have experience of driving, it is good to be guided in the city and to be sociable.
  2. Seller. The most available profession. It is possible to get a job in shop or in supermarket. In this case, the main thing, ability to sell and not to make mistakes in calculation.
  3. Security guard. Here rather wide choice, for example, it is possible to be the security guard in club, supermarket or some warehouse. The main thing not to have criminal record, to be responsible and small sports preparation will be useful at least.
  4. Realtor. If interests how to get good job without experience, then it is worth paying attention to similar vacancies. It is important to be able to win over people and to have talent of "dealer". It is necessary to present correctly the apartment that the potential buyer became interested. It is possible to receive rather large sum for the successful transaction.
  5. Waiter. Not all as it is necessary to be patient and polite even with unpleasant and rude people can master this profession. Besides a salary it is possible to count on a tip.

How to become the HR manager without experience?

To receive such position, it is necessary to have an interview successfully. Experts claim that if there is desire to develop in this profession, then it is necessary to conform to the moving-forward requirements:

  1. To have knowledge of the labor law, fundamentals of sociology and market economy.
  2. To have skills of work with personnel documentation and business communication.
  3. Knowledge of bases of office-work and psychology will be useful.
  4. It is important to be able to read correctly the summary and to decipher the tests intended for check of candidates.

It is only the small list of knowledge which the professional has to own. They can be received not only at the university, but also attending different courses, and master classes.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team